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About Us

Meet the Sales Team

We have an enormously qualified Sales Team, bringing decades of experience in European automobiles. To meet our customer's diverse needs, we have sales specialists for Independent Repair Specialists, Collision Repair Specialists, and eCommerce and Distributors.

This team is both the backbone and the face of our company, so we would like to introduce them to you briefly here.

Independent Repair Specialists

  • Ron Ackerman

    Ron Ackerman (800) 400-4773
    Email Ron

    With SSF since 2009.

    Over 30 years of industry experience. In his first 20 years, Ron concentrated mostly in Swedish lines. Since joining SSF, he's enjoying learning and selling parts in the German world as well.

    When he's not at his desk, Ron enjoys spending time with his two grown boys, hunting, surfing, or playing an occasional round of golf.

  • Eli Batres

    Eli Batres (888) 884-4466
    Email Eli

    With SSF since 2010.

    Started in the industry in 2008.

    Specializes in all SSF car lines.

  • Ray Black

    Ray Black (800) 203-9281
    Email Ray

    With SSF since 2008.

    Ray came to SSF with over 25 years of industry experience, including 9 years of running his own company. He has experience in all areas of company operations, and is just as comfortable in the warehouse as he is in the front office. He started with SSF in 2008 as our Northern California and Arizona Field representative, where he acted as our company liaison with those customers. When the opportunity presented itself to join the sales department in April of 2010, he jumped at the chance to return to the job he loves.

    Ray's specializes in Volvo, Saab, Mercedes, and BMW, but is very knowledgeable in all SSF car lines.

    His family includes his wife (who has also been in the parts business for over 25 years), two daughters, and a son.

  • Bruce Brown

    Bruce Brown (800) 864-6219
    Email Bruce

    With SSF since 1989.

    Started working in the business as a parts driver for a Porsche/Audi dealer in 1971. Between 1975 and 1987 he worked for a variety of Porsche/Audi dealerships as a driver, Assistant Parts Manager, and Parts Manager.

    Specializes in Porsche but very knowledgeable in Audi and Volkswagen.

    When he is not at his desk, he can be found spending time with his wife, Danielle, and his daughter, Ashley. Bruce and his daughter are avid bowlers and compete in tournaments together, both carrying averages of over 175.

  • Mike Bruntz

    Mike Bruntz (888) 280-2808
    Email Mike

    With SSF since 2014.

    Started in the industry in 1985.

    Specializes in Volkswagen/Audi and a little bit of everything European (car lines).

    Personal interests: Born in the CA silicon valley and grew up in Santa Cruz. I became part of the Automotive industry through a family owned Volkswagen business when I was 15yrs old. Except for a tour of duty in the U.S. Army Volkswagens and cars have been my focus. I started out as a shop cleanup I've worked every aspect of this business from the apprentice, store manager and spent the last 18yrs of my career working with Import Parts Distributors.

    My personal interest beyond cars extends to my family which includes; my wife, 3 children and newest member my first grandchild Leslie Lorraine. Addition interests include woodworking, gardening, travel and being the general handyman/mechanic for family and friends.

  • Rodney Bryant

    Rodney Bryant (800) 542-6131
    Email Rodney

    With SSF since 2016.

    Rodney has been in the automotive industry since 1985, specializing in Mercedes Benz & BMW.

    Born in Louisiana, Rodney spent 3 years as a Volvo technician and 10 years as a Mercedes-Benz technician. In 1998, he moved to Atlanta to a position in the sales department at German Auto Parts, Inc., specializing in Mercedes & BMW OEM replacement parts.

    During his free time, Rodney enjoys scuba diving and muscle cars. He is married and has three stepchildren.

  • Brandon Cser

    Brandon Cser (877) 431-4006
    Email Brandon

    With SSF since 2012.

    Started in the industry in 2008. Specializes in Mercedes, Porsche, VW/Audi but always learning.

    Outside of work, Brandon values spending time with family and close friends. He enjoys most outdoor activites including: riding motorcycles, dirtbikes, jet skis, and then of course wrenching on them when needed. Health is an important aspect of his life, so he frequents the gym and tries to eat clean, but sweets are his kryptonite ;-). He likes to be challenged and keeps an open mind through moderation and diversity. Some call him the Colonel, aka Kern..."high and tight".

  • Kevin Cuneio

    Kevin Cuneio (800) 542-6123
    Email Kevin

    With SSF since 2016.

    Kevin started in the automotive industry in 1985 and specializes in Mercedes-Benz, BMW & Mini.

    When Kevin is not at his desk, he'll be spending time playing tennis, golf, fishing and with family.

  • John Fitzgerald

    John Fitzgerald (800) 335-8963
    Email John

    With SSF since 1993.

    Introduced to the industry in 1977 NAPA Auto Parts, RB Auto Supply, and Mercedes-Benz of Escondido.

    Specialty lines are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Audi and VW.

    Currently working and living in San Diego. His hobbies include off-roading, golfing, and fishing.

  • Carlos Gandara

    Carlos Gandara (800) 247-8503
    Email Carlos

    With SSF since 2008, and started in the industry in 1988.

    Specializes in all SSF car lines.

    Carlos spends most of his recreational time with his wife and their beautiful daughter. When he's not at his desk, he enjoys football, soccer, golf, basketball, and body boarding.

  • No Photo

    Brandon Gee (National Sales Director) (650) 742-4677
    Email Brandon

    With SSF since 2013.

    Started in the industry in 2000.

    Specializes in Volkswagen/Audi.

  • Jeff Gregg

    Jeff Gregg (800) 242-1355
    Email Jeff

    With SSF since 2011.

    Has been in the automotive business since high school. Former mechanic and service manager, he still manages to keep his family fleet running. Been in the wholesale auto parts industry since in 1989.

    Main experience is in Volvo and Saab but capable in all SSF's lines.

    Jeff resides in North Orange County and is happily married to his lovely wife Mindy. Together, they have three wonderful daughters. When he's not at his desk, Jeff enjoys physical fitness, cooking, hiking, building sets, working backstage in musical theater productions and snorkeling in Maui.

  • Terry Johnson

    Terry Johnson (800) 542-6156
    Email Terry

    With SSF since 2016.

    Terry has been in the automotive industry for nearly 25 years.

    Terry specializes in Mercedes-Benz & BMW.

  • Wolfgang Jones

    Wolfgang Jones (800) 401-5244
    Email Wolf

    With SSF since 2003.

    Started in the industry in 1988 as a graduate of the Mercedes-Benz School of North America with a completed degree in Mercedes-Benz parts policies and procedures. He eventually worked for an independent Mercedes-Benz and BMW importer of parts for over a decade before proudly joining the elite team at SSF Imported Auto Parts.

    Specialty lines extend beyond Mercedes Benz to include BMW & Mini, Audi, VW, Volvo and Porsche.

  • Dave Kincade

    Dave Kincade (800) 380-1296
    Email Dave

    With SSF since 1992.

    Dave started in the industry in 1977-1981 working as an import repair mechanic and found his passion for BMW in 1982 -1986 at a BMW specialist in the Midwest. In 1987, he went in the parts business at a BMW Dealership in Stanford, California. Started with SSF as the BMW Product manager in 1992 -2005 and moved into sales in 2005.

    He specializes in BMW.

    When he's not at his desk, he can be found spending time with his wife and family, camping and riding motorcycles.

  • Tom Lombardo

    Tom Lombardo (Outside Sales Representative: Atlanta) (678) 225-2706
    Email Tom

    With SSF since 2016.

    Tom has worked in the auto industry since 1978, and specializes in Mercedes-Benz.

    Tom started in the industry in 1978 with German Auto Parts in Atlanta GA, and specialized as a wholesaler of OEM replacement parts for Mercedes automobiles. His original position was in purchasing but soon moved to sales where he worked for 18 years. In 1996 Tom moved on to a position as a service advisor and salesman of late model pre-owned Mercedes-Benz for one of his Atlanta customers. He then returned to GAP in 2000 after accepting a position as Sales Manager.

    When he is not at his desk, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He likes doing anything that involves cars, music, gardening, golf and being the resident handyman around the house.

  • Peter Lynch

    Peter Lynch (800) 203-9283
    Email Peter

    With SSF since 1989.

    First job in the industry was in 1977, with a major parts distributor.

    Specialty lines are Porsche, BMW.

    He enjoys red wine and Jameson (but never at the same time)!

  • Joe Martinez

    Joe Martinez (888) 248-9920
    Email Joe

    With SSF since _2010.

    Started in the industry in 1989.

    Specializes in BMW, Mini and Mercedes-Benz.

  • John Massara

    John Massara (800) 203-9284
    Email John

    With SSF since 1987.

    Introduced into the industry in 1986, through Pacific Trend, a Bosch W/D. 15 years at Memorex in a Marketing/ Sales concentration. 25 years at SSF.

    Married for over 30 years, two adult children, three grandchildren. Hobbies include weight lifting and motorcycle riding, and tinkering with Hot Rods.

  • Mike May

    Mike May (877) 643-9397
    Email Mike

    With SSF since 1980, Mike came to the industry in 1977. Member of M.E.C.P team.

    He specializes in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, and SAAB.

    He is happily married to his wife Clarita and they have 2 daughters - Brittany and Alexis. When he is not at his desk, you can find him running and traveling. Mike is also a huge Manchester United fan.

  • Gary McCollough

    Gary McCollough (800) 203-9290
    Email Gary

    With SSF since 1993.

    Gary came to the industry in 1991 working for other parts companies.

    He has a good knowledge of all SSF car lines with BMW being his main specialty.

    When he is not at his desk, Gary can be found with his family and friends. His hobbies include mountain biking, street biking, and spending the majority of his free time coaching baseball for both of his sons.

  • Nick Necoechea

    Nick Necoechea (888) 724-4200
    Email Nick

    With SSF since 1997.

    Nick has been in the automotive business since 1985. He worked at two southern California BMW Dealerships before joining SSF.

    He is trained and specializes in BMW.

    He and his wife, Kelley, have three daughters and five grandchildren. When he is not at his desk, Nick can be found playing pool, horseshoes, going to concerts, or 4x4ing in the local mountains.

  • Edgar Ortiz

    Edgar Ortiz (310) 507-0582
    Email Edgar

    With SSF since 2010.

    Started in the industry in 2008. Specializes in Mercedes-Benz/BMW but solid with all SSF lines.

    In his spare time, Edgar enjoys long distance hiking with his dog and cheering on the San Francisco 49ers! Go Niners!

  • Chris Oviatt

    Eric Oviatt (888) 201-8816
    Email Eric

    With SSF since 2016.

    Eric began in the automotive industry as a teenager in his parents Porsche shop in 2000. He spent over 15 years working in service, parts, performance, track preparation, trackside support, and driver coaching before joining the Porsche Team at SSF. During those years, Eric successfully participated in PCA, POC, and NASA track events while holding positions on the Porsche Owners Club Board of Directors, Chief Technical Inspector, Club Race and DE Series Manager, and even earned Member of the Year in 2013.

    Eric specializes in Porsche, but is also very knowledgeable in Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and VW car lines.

    Eric and his wife live in Riverside County with their three dogs. When not at their sales desks, they enjoy traveling to the local beaches, rivers, lakes, and mountains whenever possible. You can also find them trackside at most Porsche racing events and car shows on the West Coast. Being European car enthusiasts to the core, they are constantly dreaming and searching for their next German vehicle.

  • Dan Pascoe

    Dan Pascoe (800) 506-2285
    Email Dan

    With SSF since 1998.

    Dan started in the automotive industry in 1976 working for Volvo, Jaguar, Porsche, Audi, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. He also worked as a manager for an auto parts retailer.

    When he is not at his desk, Dan can be found enjoying auto crossing, track days, golf, fishing, camping, exploring the mountains and desert, and spending time with his family. He is also an avid sports fan and enjoys watching the Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals, and the Phoenix Suns.

  • Randy Pascua

    Randy Pascua (800) 822-0767
    Email Randy

    With SSF since 1994.

    Started the industry in 1984, working for several European Automotive Repair shops as a parts manager.

    He specializes in all of SSF's lines.

    Randy has 3 beautiful children. When he's not at his desk, Randy can be found spending time with his family, playing tennis, running, basketball, or golf. He is also a huge fan of Formula 1 racing.

  • Mark Perkett

    Mark Perkett (800) 864-6218
    Email Mark

    With SSF since February 2011.

    Started in the Automotive parts industry in 1987 after four years in the Marine Corps as a diesel mechanic.

    Mainly specializing in Volvo and Saab, but is knowledgeable in all German car lines.

    When he's not at his desk, Mark enjoys every outside activity that So. California has to offer. Mostly golf and mountain bike riding.

  • No Photo

    Russ Perry (800) 203-9288
    Email Perry

    With SSF since 1987.

    Specialties are Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche.

    SSF is his life!"

  • Jim Ratto

    Jim Ratto (Sales Director)(888) 828-0002
    Email Jim

    With SSF since 2015.

    Started in the industry in 1990.

    Specializes in Audi, VW, Porsche.

    Jim's love for autos surpasses his time at work. During his free time, he loves working on his 197hp 1967 VW and building engines. He grew up riding in Alfa Romeos, which started his interests in cars. "[I] like talking about cars, working on cars, reading about cars, driving cars, and calibrating Weber carburetors, camshaft and engine airflow theory." When not channeling his inner mechanic, he enjoys traveling with his wife and two boys to Yellowstone, Southern Utah, and all over California. His love of travel sparked an interest in cooking exciting foods from around the world, drinking good beers, and listening to rock and roll (all while preferably outside).

  • No Photo

    Amanda Rodriguez (877) 431-3992
    Email Amanda

    With SSF since 2010.

    Started in the industry in 2001 working for a manufacturer of car audio and mobile multimedia.

    When she's not at her desk, Amanda enjoys spending time at the beach and watching sports. Basketball and boxing are her favorite.

  • Craig Sharon

    Craig Sharon (800) 223-4993
    Email Craig

    With SSF since 2012.

    Started in the industry in 1983.

    Specializes in Volvo and SAAB and has experience with German makes also.

    He and his wife Gale have been married for over 40 years with two adult children and two grandsons. When he is not at his desk, Craig enjoys gardening, bicycling, hiking and basketball.

  • Greg Voisan

    Greg Voisan (Outside Sales Representative: So Cal) (714) 679-9182
    Email Greg

    With SSF since 2014.

    Started in the industry in 1991 selling Volvo parts for a distributor in Orange County. He has since worked for many of the top European parts distributors in North America and now, he is excited with the opportunity to work with the best at SSF.

    Greg was born and raised in Southern California. He likes to travel, play golf, and photography. He has been a semi-pro photographer for the past 5 years and has traveled to many parts of the world working on projects.

  • Craig Wilson

    Craig Wilson (800) 542-6130
    Email Craig

    With SSF since 2016.

    Craig began his career in the industry in 1985 and specializes in Mercedes Benz & BMW.

    A true Army brat who spent time in Berlin as a kid (where his passion for German cars began); Craig came to Atlanta to attend The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in 1978 and decided to stay in the area.

    An avid outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys hunting and fishing across the U.S. Craig is married to his wife, Rene, and spends the spring watching his two sons playing high school and college lacrosse. When not at SSF, Craig enjoys his down time catching up on classic films or has his head under the hood of one of his vintage Benzes.

  • Terrance Wilson

    Terrance Wilson (800) 203-9285
    Email Terrance

    With SSF since 2002.

    Experience began in 1987 and worked for a variety of import specialists.

    Specializes in all lines.

    Terrance and his wife have 5 beautiful children. When he's not at his desk, he can be found watching and playing basketball, coaching, and participating in his kids sporting events. He is also involved with playing music at his church.

Collision Repair Specialists

  • Bill Foxworthy

    Bill Foxworthy (Collision Group Manager) (800) 852-0161
    Email Bill

    With SSF since 1995.

    Bill broke into the automotive business in 1971 in a family owned auto repair business through 1988. He then worked for 2 multi-line European car dealership groups as their wholesale parts manager before coming to SSF in 1995.

    Bill is currently the Sales Manager for the Collision Sales Group (his specialty).

    Bill and his wife Kim have two daughters and a grandchild. He enjoys spending time with family, Grand-parenting, the outdoors, golfing, fishing, and cycling.

  • Pete Holden

    Pete Holden (800) 203-9282
    Email Pete

    With SSF since 1992.

    Entered the industry in 1987 with a small importer in Redwood City, California. They mostly sold body parts and automotive accessories. He's also worked in Sunnyvale, CA with an auto parts company.

    Specialties are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche.

    Pete has 3 great kids and does a lot of sports spectating and coaching. He's been married to his high school sweetheart since 1990. He still enjoys playing softball and golf, but admits not very well.

  • Al Ramirez

    Al Ramirez (800) 562-0239
    Email Al

    With SSF from 1996 - 2004, back with SSF in January, 2008.

    Entered the industry in 1983. Specialty is Mercedes-Benz and BMW, but familiar with all SSF lines.

    When he is not at his desk, Al can be found spending time with my family, cycling (mountain and road), or playing racquetball.

eCommerce and Distributors

  • Fletcher Benton

    Fletcher Benton (eCommerce & Export Group Manager) (800) 898-0448
    Email Fletcher

    With SSF since 1989.

    First started in the industry in 1985 detailing cars during High School. College jobs in parts and service gave him the experience to stay in the industry.

    BMW and Porsche are his strongest lines.

  • Eddie Fernandez

    Eddie Fernandez (800) 227-6050
    Email Eddie

    With SSF since 2001.

    Started in the automotive industry in 1991 working as a California certified smog technician. He was also in auto sales for a few years before arriving at SSF and the auto parts industry.

    Specializes in BMW and Mercedes, but familiar with all SSF lines.

    Eddie is happily married and he and his wife have four children. When he's not at his desk, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing softball, messing around with his RC (radio controlled) cars, and rooting for the SF Giants, Niners, and Golden State Warriors.

  • Eddie Hernandez

    Ed Hernandez (650) 742-5874
    Email Ed

    Ed has been in the auto parts industry for over 30 years, starting his career at wholesale auto parts warehouse in Sunnyvale, CA. After working for several other warehouses, he has found a home at SSF.

    Ed has experience with all European car lines and even some Japanese models, but over the last 18 years has specialized in Audi and Volkswagen parts. He brings knowledge in service parts and performance.

    He and his wife of 28 years enjoy traveling the California wine country from as far south as San Luis Obispo to Healdsburg in the north. They often bring along their daughter and family friends, as there is always room in one of his prized Vanagons.

    Ed has been a loyal San Francisco Giants fan even before they won three World Series, and is awaiting many more to come!

  • Tony Lee

    Tony Lee (650) 742-7052
    Email Tony

    With SSF since 2014.

    Specializes in all SSF car lines.

    Tony likes going to the movies, and cheering on the SF Giants and 49ers.

  • Gene Montgomery

    Gene Montgomery (800) 203-9286
    Email Gene

    With SSF since 1976.

    Started in the industry with SSF also in 1976.

    Gene's line specialties are Mercedes-Benz & BMW.

  • Stuart Wentzel

    Stuart "Stu" Wentzel (888) 995-1888
    Email Stu

    With SSF since 2016.

    Stu began his career in the auto parts industry in 1974 after attending college at UC Chico State and UC Berkeley. Previously he was involved in a family business that consisted of four warehouses and a large jobber store with a machine shop in Northern California.

    Stu sold the businesses in 1986 and worked as a District Sales Manager and later as a Regional Manager for Dana Corporation for 16 years. He then worked the last 13 years with a major Euro/Asian parts supplier.

    Stu specializes in all vehicle makes and is very knowledgeable of internal engines.

    A native of Northern California, Stu and his wife have four children and enjoy mountain living. When Stu is not at his desk, he is involved in Porsche car restoration, engine rebuilding and V8 conversions. Stu is an avid basketball and football fan, and also enjoys car racing and spending time with his children.

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