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Hours: Monday - Friday 7am to 5pm Pacific Time.
If you don't find the answer to your questions here, please contact your SSF Account Manager

About Our Company

Who are SSF's customers?

We supply parts to automotive professionals in many fields, including Independent Repair Specialists, Collision Repair Shops and Distributors. We also supply performance parts. We sell wholesale only and do not sell to the retail public.

Where is SSF Imported Auto Parts located?

We have eight warehouses located in the United States that ship nationwide and deliver locally. We'll even ship overseas! Our main office and warehouse is in South San Francisco.


Call 800-632-2743 for all locations!


Web Site Support: 800-864-6213


Sales & Customer Service: 800-203-9287


South San Francisco, CA
437 Rozzi Place
South San Francisco, CA 94080
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Irvine (Orange County), CA
14250 Myford Road
Irvine, CA 92606
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Carson, CA
21175 S Main Street
Units A & B
Carson, CA 90745
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Oakland, CA
39 4th Street
Units 2 & 3
Oakland, CA 94607
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Los Angeles, CA
3410 N. San Fernando Road
Unit 3
Los Angeles, CA 90065
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San Diego, CA
6060 Nancy Ridge Drive
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92121
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Phoenix, AZ
3906 E. Broadway Rd.
Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85040
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Norcross, GA
6250 Atlantic Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071
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Kennesaw, GA
4105 Royal Drive NW

Suite 600
Kennesaw, GA 30144
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Pompano Beach, FL
1570 SW 13th Ct.
Unit 200
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
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What is SSF's privacy policy?

All new and existing SSF customer information submitted or on file is kept confidential. This information will never be sold to any third parties or agencies.

Ordering From Us

Can I order parts over the phone?

Our salespeople are experts in the industry, and will take orders and answer any questions or concerns over the phone. Please call your salesperson or Sales and Support at (800) 203-9287.

How do I order online?

EuroLink, our online catalog, allows easy access to all our parts and part information, including photos and applications for most every part. You can search for parts by entering the VIN, or make, year and vehicle information in our Catalog, or you can search by part.  Add items to your cart and click Checkout when you're ready to order.

Now you can use our EuroLink Vin Scanner to easily enter vehicle information.

What are my payment options?

Orders can be paid for by Cash, COD or Net10th Charge account. Check with your salesperson if you're not sure which payment plan is in place for your account. Cash means a certified check presented on delivery of the parts. COD means a company check. Sorry, no personal checks accepted. Net10th means your bill is due the 10th of the following month.

Can I pick up parts in person at one of SSF's locations?

We have Will-Call counters available at all locations. Just place your order by calling your salesperson, Sales and Support at (800) 203-9287, or order online and specify Will-Call as the mode on our Checkout page. Will-call hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM-4:45PM at our South San Francisco location, and from 8:00AM-4:45PM at all other locations. Sorry, no third-party will-call pick-ups.

Managing Your Account

How do I change my password?

You may change your password in My Account, or use the Forgotten password request https://shop.ssfautoparts.com/Account/ForgotPassword.  If you require assistance, contact Customer Support at (800) 864-6213.

Can several computers access the same account?

Yes, multiple users may login to SSF Online at the same time with the same user account. Please note that each user account has only one shopping cart. If you have multiple users that would like to place separate orders, please contact us to request multiple user accounts by email or call to Customer Support at (800) 864-6213.

Why aren't I getting an email confirmation of my order?

We may have an incorrect or outdated email address for you. Please call your salesperson or Customer Support at (800) 864-6213 and make sure we have the correct email address for your account.

Our Product Offerings

Does SSF sell used parts?

We do not sell used parts. Our parts are all either new, rebuilt or remanufactured.

Does SSF sell auto body parts?

SSF has a wide selection of sheet metal and other collision repair components, including headlight assemblies, radiators and more. We stock OEM, Genuine and affordable aftermarket parts.

Ordering and Orders

Can I ship to a different address than my own?

Yes, we can accommodate drop ship orders. Your account must be set up for this and be a Net10th account. Please contact your salesperson or our Sales and Support at (800) 203-9287 with any questions.

Can I choose my shipping method?

During Checkout, you can see what shipping methods are available to you and see what shipping charges apply for each. Choose your preferred shipping method, and your order total will automatically be updated with the appropriate Shipping and Handling charge.

Can I track my order?

Tracking information is available through our site for our most popular carriers: FedEx, GSO, UPS and USPS. Go to My Account > Order Reports. This will allow you to list orders and RAs. Click an order number from the list to view its details. Clicking on a linked tracking number will allow you to track your shipment on the carrier's web site in a new window.

For how long are prices valid?

SSF Online gives you real-time inventory and pricing at all times. Prices change regularly. Your cart item prices may be updated at checkout for items that have been in your cart for more than 2 days. If your price is updated, you will be notified by an "updated price" note on the Checkout page.

How late can I order a part and have it ship the same day?

Cutoffs are late in the business day each weekday and vary by SSF location and Service.  Please use the "Cut Off Schedule" Links on our shop and Checkout pages for details for all locations.  Orders placed on the weekend or holidays will ship the next business day.

What should I use "special instructions" for?

Special instructions are intended to be used for various order instructions to be communicated to us. You may use them to:

  • request shipping services that are not available from your Shipping Options list
  • request a specific carrier (additional charges may apply)
  • request Saturday delivery
  • advise us of other special delivery instructions
  • add any other question or instruction for your order

Any order with specials instructions is reviewed by an SSF salesperson before being released to our warehouse.

Can I add my own comment to a part I'm ordering?

At the Checkout page, click the ADD icon in the Comment column. This will allow you to add a comment to this item which will show up on the packing list.

Can I sort my Order History by the date or my PO#?

While viewing your Orders (My Account > Order Reports), click on the columns headers for ORDER#, PO# and DATE headers. This will sort the orders in your history.

Using Search Results

What are Notes, Fit Notes and Position(Qty) in my search results?

Your search results always include notes and fitment information specific only to your selected vehicle, along with necessary quantity and position information. Your search results are applicable to the vehicle selected in the catalog, unless the notes in the search results indicate otherwise based on the application being more specific than the selected vehicle. For example, your search results may include fit notes specifying a transmission type. If there are no notes included in the results, you can be assured the part is right for your vehicle. The quantity provided in your part result is either the quantity required for the vehicle application, or the quantity per position on the vehicle.

How do I see All the Vehicles a Part Fits?

In your part search results, click the View All Applications link in the upper right to see a list of applications for the part.

How do I interpret "All Applications" for a Part?

Our application information is grouped by vehicle, with the primary year(s) and vehicle listed atop the note, fit note, position and quantity information. When applicable, there may be additional vehicle attributes headers (SubModel, Body Type, etc.). Our vehicle applications contain the information necessary to determine whether a part is correct for a specific make, year, and model. Sometimes other vehicle details (attributes) are included in the application information because they are necessary to further define the application (for example, SubModel, Body Type, Engine Base, etc.). In some instances, you will find additional info (fit notes) like transmission control type and number of doors, but only if it's necessary to support the application. This means if a particular attribute and/or fit note is not displayed (is blank), the part it is valid/applicable for all possibilities. In other words, if "body type" is not included in the application, the part is correct for all body types for that make, year, and model.

What do "from" and "thru" dates and chassis mean?

In some cases, vehicle production dates are necessary to determine which part is correct for a specific vehicle. Production dates may differ from model year dates. Vehicles produced late in the year may be the next calendar year model. When searching for a part you may see fit notes with the words "from" and/or "thru" along with a month and year, such as "thru 08/01" and "from 09/01." These are production dates, not model year dates. Most production dates can be found on the vehicle information sticker on the driver's side door jam.

In some cases, a vehicle chassis number is necessary to determine which part is correct for a specific vehicle. The chassis number is a series of numbers and/or letters at the end of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The series of numbers and/or letters varies by Make. When searching for a part, if you see fit notes such as "thru chassis # A 000001" and "from chassis # A 000002," it will be necessary to check the chassis number to determine which part is correct for the vehicle.

What's the difference between a vehicle "Base" SubModel and no (blank) SubModel?

If the vehicle's SubModel shows "Base" as the SubModel, it indicates only the Base SubModel for that Model. In "All Applications," if the SubModel shows "Base," the application is only for the Base SubModel for that Model. If the SubModel is blank, the application is for ALL SubModels for that model. For example, an application that lists Mini Model = Cooper and SubModel = Base means the part fits only Cooper Base (and does not fit Cooper S); an application that lists Mini Model = Cooper and does not show a SubModel (SubModel is blank) means the part fits all Cooper SubModels (Base and S).

Can I hide my cost in the search results?

We had several requests from customers to be able to "hide" "your price" in search results. To enable this, click on "My Account" from the top menu, then under "Edit Preferences," check the box next to "Hide Your Price."

What if I can't find the part I'm looking for?

Let us know! We value and listen to our customers. In fact, much of our catalog has been expanded from customer suggestions. Call your salesperson or (800) 203-9287, or email us and let us know what you'd like to see!

Using the Catalog

How do I select a Vehicle?

You may select a vehicle from your recent vehicle list, by entering a VIN, or by selecting the vehicle Make and Year from the drop down lists. The vehicle list includes the model name and other vehicle information. This is intended to help you select the correct vehicle. For example, BMW vehicle information includes Model, SubModel, Body Type, Chassis and Base Engine.

How do I look up a vehicle using a VIN?

In the Enter VIN# box, enter a vehicle's VIN # and our catalog lookup automatically selects the matching vehicle and brings you directly to the Select Category (or Text Search) step. Our VIN search starts your catalog search by selecting the Make, Year and Vehicle, but does not identify the specific standard or optional equipment a vehicle has (ie. Sport Suspension, Xenon Headlights, etc.). The full 17-digit VIN must be entered and will match model years 1981 and later. An error message is displayed if less than 17 digits are entered, if an invalid VIN is entered, or if the entered VIN does not match a valid vehicle in our catalog.

Can I save Vehicles that I've searched?

Our catalog will save the last 10 vehicles you've used to search for parts. You may start your catalog search by selecting one of your last 10 searched vehicles in your "Recent" list and go directly to the Select Category (or Text Search) step. If you'd like to delete any of these vehicles from your list, click the My Account tab.

Can I search using a "keyword" or part description?

We have indexed thousands of commonly used automotive terms to direct you to our part types. Enter your search word in the "Enter Text" box after selecting a vehicle and click Go. Any part types or keywords that match your search entry anywhere in the string will be displayed for your selection in the Part Type Select drop down box. Enter a whole or partial word to describe the desired part and click GO. You will be presented with a list of matching part types and keywords. Part Types are listed first, with keywords in blue after the part type. For example, you may enter "Rotor" in the text search and see "Brake Disc - Disc Brake Rotor" in the part type selection drop down. Brake Disc is the part type and Disc Brake Rotor was the matching keyword.

What are "Categories" and "Part Types"?

Categories are broad groupings of parts such as Body, Brake, Cooling, while Part Types are more specific groupings of parts such as piston, bumper or headlight. These Categories and Part Types are based on the Automotive Aftermarket Industry standards, but have been customized and enhanced by SSF.

What is "Supplies & Miscellaneous" in the Make Selection?

Without selecting a vehicle, browse our tools, shop supplies, hardware, and other universal items by selecting "Tool & Supplies" in our Catalog. You'll be presented with Categories and Part Types applicable to "Tools & Supplies" only. Optionally, you may filter the Categories and Part Types by Brand/Manufacturer. These universal items will also show up in search results for specific vehicles when the appropriate part type is selected.

Using SSF Online

What computer setup is recommended for using SSF Online?

SSF Online is internet-based so you don't have to load any new software on your computer. If you're unsure of your setup, one of our Web Support representatives can assist you. Just call (800) 864-6413 between the hours of 7AM and 5PM Pacific Time.

What Internet browser is required?

Internet Explorer:
We recommend using the latest version of Internet Explorer or MS Edge, though our site supports back to IE 10.  To download or update IE from Microsoft, follow this link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/downloads/ie

We support Firefox version 68 or higher. To download Firefox from Mozilla, follow this link: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

Google Chrome:
We support Chrome version 9 or higher. To download Chrome from Google, follow this link: https://www.google.com/chrome

Browsers must be Javascript enabled and accept cookies.
Most other browsers will function without problems and we will attempt to accommodate users of other systems and browsers, but they are not officially supported.

Who do I call if I have a question or a problem?

We welcome your questions, comments and concerns. If you'd like to talk to us about our company, web site or catalog, please call (800) 864-6213 or email us. If you are a customer with questions about an order, please call your salesperson or (800) 203-9287.

What do I do if I have a comment or problem with your web site?

Like something we've done with our web site? Hate it? Have you found something that you think is incorrect or missing from our site? Let us know! Your input is very important to us, and we'd love to know how to serve you better. Please email us or call (800) 864-6413.

Why is the site slow for me?

Our catalog is the biggest in the business, so please be patient while waiting for your search results. Also, try clearing your cache to improve site performance. In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools menu and the Internet Options. Under the Browsing History section, click on the Delete button. Click the Delete Files button at Temporary Internet Files. This should help. If the site continues to perform poorly for you, please contact Customer Support at (800) 864-6213 for assistance and troubleshooting.

Is ordering over the web safe?

We safeguard our customers' information carefully. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layers), which securely encrypts and protects your sensitive information.


What if I receive the wrong part?

We are proud of our low error rate, but mistakes do happen. If we have made a mistake on your order, please call your salesperson or our Order Desk at (800) 203-9287 and we'll make it right. You must receive a return authorization prior to returning the part; please call your salesperson or the Order Desk to receive one.

What is SSF's return policy?

Customer must report to SSF, within 24 hours after receipt of each shipment, any shortage, wrong parts, damage, and loss of products delivered. If damage or loss of merchandise has resulted from handling during transportation, subscriber must make claim directly with the delivery carrier. All products to be returned must have a Return Authorization number issued by SSF written on the shipping label and must be shipped prepaid within 10 days of receipt of the Return Authorization number. All returned products must be accompanied by the original invoice or pick pack and be unused, resalable (unless damaged or defective) and still in the original, undamaged package and purchased within the last 90 days. SSF will credit customer on a cost plus basis if subscriber provides no invoice number with a product return. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returns received directly from 3rd parties may be returned to sender at customer's cost. Returns will be accepted only from the customer directly. SSF will accept no returns on electrical products or sheet metal, except for warranty replacement. Customer is subject to a 15% restocking fee for returns resulting from customer error. Defective items will be replaced or credited. SSF does not guarantee Products that become defective due to improper installation or improper use. SSF return policy does not apply to competition or off road use. SSF may in its discretion suspend shipments of Products if returns (other than returns for cause) exceed 11% of shipments to Subscriber for 3 consecutive months.

What is an RA?

RA means Return Authorization. For a returned item to be accepted, you must first receive a Return Authorization. Call your salesperson or (800) 203-9287 to obtain an RA, or go to My Account, Create Return Authorization.

Is there a warranty on parts?

SSF Imported Auto Parts LLC warrants all products purchased by you, (excluding upgrade and performance parts,) against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 24 months/24,000 miles (whichever occurs first), or the expressed manufacturer's warranty, whichever is greater. SSF does not manufacture any of the products and accordingly cannot and does not warrant or guarantee their performance, function, or non-infringement of third party rights. SSF will pass to you any manufacturer's warranties for products purchased by you, to the extent permitted, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist you in presenting and processing any claims against the manufacturer under such warranty. Warranty does not apply to wear items or parts which became defective due to improper installation, removal, repairs or diagnosis, negligence, mishandling, alteration, modification, or lack of maintenance, flood, accident, or fire. This warranty shall become null and void if the product sold or installed is damaged as a result of the vehicle's use in competitive or off-road driving. SSF Imported Auto Parts LLC does not cover labor costs for removal or damage resulting from delay or loss of use in service or repair for incidental or consequential damages arising from defective product.

How do I obtain an RA?

To get an RA, contact your salesperson or (800) 203-9287, or go to My Account, Create Return Authorization.  You may also email us at custsupport@ssfautoparts.com for assistance.

How do I return a core?

All returned cores must have been purchased from SSF within the past 90 days and must be returned in original box. Critical cores may require vendor acceptance before credit is issued. Cores are to be shipped to SSF prepaid from Customer. An RA is provided with all cores (an RA must be obtained before returning any merchandise). Cores that have been disassembled, tampered with, incomplete, damaged or are otherwise not rebuildable will be returned as per Customer's instructions at Customer's cost. If Customer does not provide information within 30 days, SSF will dispose of core(s) at its discretion.