b'VIGORPRY BAR SET VIGORMULTI With impact resistant handles. Includes: (Qty.)PURPOSE (1) 600 mm pry bar, (1) 450 mm pry bar, (1) 300WEDGE SETmm pry bar, (1) 200 mm pry bar. Includes 5 specialty tools V1301 $42.95 designed to remove trim strips, panels, wheel caps, bezels, liners, shrouds, fascia, and more.V1369 $31.50 VIGOR WHEEL WEIGHT REMOVER SETFor disassembling adhesive weights on aluminum wheels, or removing labels, adhesive and nameplates. Solvent resistant plastic scrapers will not damage surfaces. Includes: (Qty.) (1) 19 mm weight remover, (1) 22 mm weight remover, (1) 25 mm weight remover, (1) 38 mm weight remover.V2512 $34.95VIGOR WIPER ARM PULLER SETFor easy removal of all common wiper arms.V2523 $214.99VIGORABS REAMER SETFor reaming corroded and stuck ABS sensors. Includes: (Qty.) (1) 133 X 10 mm reamer, (1) 42 X 14 mm reamer, (1) 33 X 15 mm reamer, (1) 32 X 18 mm reamer, (1) 42 X 18 mm reamer, (1) 10 XVIGOR 133 mm twist drill, (1) Fine tooth ratchet with hinge joint. DENT REMOVAL TOOLV3228 $339.99 Practical one-hand lever operation. Suited for adjusting and inserting mirror glasses as well as dent removal. Max 18 lb capacity.V5531 $21.49VIGORFLASHLIGHTCompact design with shock resistant aluminum housing, adjustable head for focusing, belt clip, and a 3 watt LED. Light output: 90 lumens.VIGOR Length 110 mm. Includes: (Qty.) (1) AA battery HOOK & PICK TOOL SETV4969 $16.95VIGORIdeal for removing and inserting o-rings and gaskets as well as removing plaques, seals andVIGORRADIO MULTI PURPOSE DRAIN PAN adhesive residues.Includes: (Qty.) (1) Pick, (1)REMOVAL TOOL KIT18 PCSuitable for \x1fuid changes and cleaning parts.Scraper, (3) Hook. Tools needed to remove the radio from the dash on Made of polyethylene. 50 liter capacity. 800 mmV5045 $34.49 most Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche & VW models.width, 520 mm long, 100 mm height. V4280 $46.99V5488 $68.99VIGORMAGNETIC PARTS VIGORSOCKET SET TRAY3/8" DRIVE SUPER FLAT Metal parts tray with two strong magnets for Solid steel reversible ratchet with ergonomic handle.attachment to tool boxes, shop walls, lifts, etc. Short inserts enable work in tight spaces.Cotains:Plastic framing provides storage space for (Qty.) (1) Ratchet, (1) 3/8" adapter, (1) universal joint,plastic screws or similar non-magnetic items. (1) 75 mm extension, (1) 150 mm extension, (13)Dimensions: 240 mm x 140 mm x 28mm.socket wrench insert 8-22 mm. V5677 $21.49V6202 $139.49SSFautoparts.com 800.203.9287 9'