b'Whats OldBut all you wagon enthusiasts can now rejoice! A new generation is snubbing the peer pressure to drive SUVs and crossovers, and is getting behind the wheel of the is New Again. beloved wagon. Fueled by the introduction of several stylish new models, (not your grandfathers wagon anymore) the move back to station wagons has been referred to as a remarkable renaissance by Bloomberg News.Sales of the niche automobile class are among the fastest growing in the past five years, out pacing Audis RS 6 Avant Helps Fuel thefull-size pickup trucks and all other classes of traditional passenger cars. Station Wagons ComebackWhile manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have proven the demand for By Mike Dallin hot wagons for decades, today other European auto makers are following their SSF Autofocus Contributor & Volkswagen/Audi Product Manager lead.Even Porsche entered the wagon market with their new Panamera Sport Turismo.The answer for Audi was obvious.Something theyve made for years for Thirty years ago elementary school pick-up and drop-off lines were filled withother markets.Something the forums have not-so-quietly been asking for, the station wagons.Fast forward to today and we find 600 hp wagons lapping theRS6 Avant.Nrburgring with the capability of making grown men cry.How did we get here? The all-new 2020 Audi RS6 Avant is coming to America, finally!The 592 hp, 590 When did wagons become cool, and where does the new Audi RS6 fit in?lb-ft of torque, 189-mph top speed, Quattro all-wheel drive, 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, With sales peaking in 1976, the station wagon accounted for 10% of all vehiclestwin-turbocharged V8 RS6 wagon is coming to America!sold in the U.S.But replaced by minivans and SUVs, wagons were nearly extinctThe RS6 boasts impressive supercar-like abilities while maintaining the practical-in Americas showrooms just a few years ago.Minivans were particularly desir- ity of a five-passenger wagon. This balance is also reflected in the aggressive yet able offering sliding rear doors, easy-access third row seating and an abundancerefined RS-styling.It fits in at soccer practice as well as the local car meet up. The of cargo space, while others preferred the persona of the beefier SUV.However,Audi also packs some impressive technology.The 4.0-liter V-8 is paired with a there were still many who not only liked station wagons, they loved them! The48-volt mild-hybrid system that contributes to the go-fast experience.The driver American Station Wagon Owners Association (ASWOA) formed in 1996 and heldmodes,availablecarbonceramicbrakes,Quattrosystem,andinfotainment regular events for its members to show off their cars and prove that there was stillsystem all appear to be on par with the greatest technology offered by other man-demand for wagons. ufacturers.Time will tell if the RS6 lives up to the forbidden fruit hype but for Meanwhile, European automakers continued to make wagons throughout thenow its looking pretty good.1990s and 2000s but most were forgettable to the average consumer. Occasion- As the saying goes, whats old is often new again, and that is certainly the case ally performance wagons, like the S4 and S6, were available in the United Stateswith the iconic station wagon.At SSF were excited to see the RS6 and other but frequently enthusiast had to ogle over the goods only available in Europe. coveted models come to the United States.We know our custom-ers are passionate about these halo cars too and were committed to carrying only the best parts for them.After all, cars capable of 189 mph demand quality parts.On behalf of SSF, welcome to America RS6!'