b'CRC BATTERYCRC BATTERYFREEZE-OFFVISICLEAR CRC DISC CLEANER TERMINALSUPERDISPLAY AND BRAKE QUIET(11 oz. Aerosol Can)PROTECTOR PENETRANT ELECTRONIC(9 oz. Aerosol Can)Yellow foaming cleaner(7.5 oz. Aerosol Can)(11.5 oz. Aerosol Can) SCREENForms a water resistant, instantly detects acidDesigned to protectImmediately drops theCLEANER high temperature \x1elm that leaks and turns pinkbattery terminals fromtemperature of the area(6.9 oz. Aerosol Can) absorbs noise while upon acid contact.corrosion, a leadingin direct contactw/spray.Natural water basedquieting squeaks and Neutralizes acid andcause of hard startingFreezing e\x1fect cracksfoam cleaner for allsqueals. Specially removes corrosionand battery failure.rusted surfaces, allowingtelevisions, monitors,formulated to dampen the by-products. Just sprayProvides a lead-freeit to reach deeper andnotebooks/laptops,vibrations that cause brake on and rinse o\x1f. soft protective coating. work more e\x1fectivelycamcorders, GPS screens,noise. For use on brake 05023 $3.19 * 05046 $5.05 * than other penetrants.touch screens, PDAs,pad backing plates and 05002 $6.26 * scanners, and copycontact points.machines. 05017 $4.8605131 $7.45 *EMISSIONSCRC GASKETCRC DRIVE BELTCRC SILARAMICCRC QC-82 SYSTEMREMOVER DRESSING &BRAKE SYSTEMPRO-STRENGTH CLEANER (12 oz. Aerosol Can)CONDITIONER GREASE DEGREASER Powerful detergentFast acting formula.(7.5 oz. Aerosol Can)(5 oz. Tube) (15 oz. Aerosol Can) additives super-cleanUsed for the removalEliminates squeaks andSynthetic, dry-\x1elm,Foaming water-based the entire fuel systemof conventional andprolongs belt life. For useceramic forti\x1eed siliconeformula aggressive reducing emissionsformed in placeon all types of belts, suchlubricant formulated toenough to break down and improvinggaskets. Eliminatesas serpentine, \x1dat andreduce brake noise andand dissolve grease, performance. Useexcessive scraping andv-type belts. Preventsvibrations by dampeninggrime, oil, rubber marks every 3,000 miles tocleaning. slippage and glazing.all brake vibratingand other oil-based improve fuel05021 $6.72 * Removes oil, grease andfrequencies. Will not runcontaminants while economy, accelera- glaze.o\x1f or wash out.remaining gentle tion and reduce05350 $3.38 * 05361 $13.26enough for painted and emissions. plastic surfaces.05063 $11.64 05482 $6.45 *CRC MECHANIX ORANGECRC HI-TEMP WHEELCRC WHEEL BEARINGCRC BRAKLEEN CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW CITRUS HAND CLEANER BEARING GREASE GREASE (1 Gallon Bottle)(15 oz. Bottle) Formulated with the natural power of citrus.(14 oz.Can)(14 oz. Can)Non-chlorinated formula meets VOCA concentrated one-tank cleanup that delivers a Quickly cleans away the toughest soils. pHA very stable aluminum complexA premium lithium complexregulations in all 50 states. Removes contami- powerful shock to your dirty fuel system. Made with balanced to be gentle on hands. Its seriousNLGI grade 2 grease with dropNLGI grade 2 grease with dropnants like grease, oil, and dirt from brake partthe maximum available chemistry, it is the most scrubbing power comes from \x1ene gradepoint of 500 deg. F. Contains rustpoint of over 500 deg. F.components. powerful fuel system cleaner on the market. pumice, leaves hands fresh. and oxidation inhibitors, anti-wearDesigned for late model vehicle05815 $14.69 *(16 oz. Bottle)and extreme pressure additiveswheel bearings, chassis,For pressurized spray bottle, see part # 14016.SL1712 $6.64 and forti\x1eed with "moly" andsuspension and u-joints. Wide05051 $19.99 *graphite. For use in automotivetemperature range -40 deg. F to (1 Gallon with Pump)disc/drum brakes, chassis and300 deg. F. SL1719 $31.67suspension systems. Black color. SL3111 $8.84 SL3161 $5.67 (*)Please note hazardous materials shipping restrictions apply : Will call, SSF local delivery, or ground shipment only. Item cannot be shipped by air.13 44'