b'HIGH VOLTAGE VEHICLES Do I Have to Be Trained?TherearemanypredictionsinthemarketastohowThere are two main reasons why I have such a strong electrical vehicles will develop in the next 10 years andopinion on training for high voltage vehicles. whatpercentageofthemarkettheywillown.Its assumed that 30% of all new vehicles will be equippedFirstyou and I need to protect ourselves. HV systems with high voltage components in 2025.dont excuse any mistakes. If I make a mistake, my life is injeopardy.Belowyouseeachartwhatshowsthe TheforecastmadebyZFthroughresearchandOEhazardbycomingincontactwithalternatingcurrent contracts tells us that the future carpool will be dominat- (AC). High voltage systems are producing a current what ed by hybrid vehicles. isaboveieldAC3.ThisistheectionwhereitgetsItsimportanttounderstandwhathappenedinthis situation with the HV system and the vehicle communi-cation.ownerofthevehicledrovetotheshoponfull The electricalmode,whichwasresponsiblefortheHV battery already being drained. The12Vsystemwasthendrainedbytherunning sound system. When the vehicle control units recognized that the 12V Battery was becoming de-energized the vehicle issued the order to the DC/DC converter to recharge the 12V Battery. The DC/DC converter is responsible to convert high voltage to low voltage (12V). This means the 12V Batteryisnotbeingchargedbythealternator anymore, its being charged from the HV system. The question is what does an independent shop techni- dangerous for humans depending on the amount of timeNow the HV Battery is being cian need to know about these systems, now that theythey are exposed. This is the reason that even when youdrained to recharge the will be more likely to encounter these vehicles as theychange the oil you have to bring the HV system in service12V side. continue to grow in market. There are and always will bemode, which means the system is shut down. different opinions on the answer to this question. Opin- ThesecondreasonisthatIdontwanttodamage ions could range from, I wont touch this system to Ianything and produce unnecessary costs like this exam-dont have to know anything about it to Theres nothingple, which happened in a shop a couple weeks ago.too special to know. Another common opinion is that, The OE Manufacture is giving warranty for 10 years andAHybridvehiclecametotheshopforanoilchange 150konhighvoltagecomponents,whichmeansthatservice;nothingspecialitsanormalservice.The there isnt any business for me.vehiclewasequippedwithaniceDolbysurround Theseopinionsarevalidtohave,butitstillleavesasound system which the technician used to entertain concern when these technicians would still perform anthe shop while working. The ignition and the radio oilchange,brakereplacementoranothercommonwasonwhilethecarwasonthelift.Theoilwas servicethattheydontassociatedirectwiththehighdrained, and the technician pulled the oil ilter. Unfor-voltage system. Now we come to the question if theytunately, the shop didnt have this speciic oil ilter in should change the oil or brake pad on a live high voltagestock and they had to order a new one. The vehicle was system in a hybrid vehicle - my answer is deinitely no on the lift for hours with no oil, the ignition on and the not without training!radio running. 25 4'