b'AST FUEL INJECTOR TOOL Used to remove and install the fuel injectors on BMW N20, N26 and N55 engines. Only for fuel injectors with top hold-down.BMW 5532 $86.69ASTWHEEL AST CAMSHAFT ADJUSTER SOCKET LUG BOLT SOCKET17 mm AST ENGINE OILCamshaft adjuster socket for VW/Audi 2.0L enginesFlower Shaped" - 1/2" Drive.88 mm Long DesignFILTER WRENCH(BPG, BPY and BWT). with Plastic Sleeve for both Reach and Scratch90 mm Use with Camshaft Locking Tool (Qty.) (1) T 10252. Protection. For chrome serrated head wheel lugU15-Point - 3/8" Drive VW 5220$25.16 bolts. JA 19015 $17.04M17 XLWS $31.61AST ENGINE OIL FILLER FUNNEL1/4 Turn Engine oil \x1fller funnel designed to attach and seal to the valve cover. For multiple Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, and Volvo applications.OFAUD1000 $56.07AST INTERMEDIATE AST LEVER SPRING TOOL CRANKSHAFT SEAL TOOL SET AST ENGINE OIL FILTER WRENCH SET - 7-Piece SetUsed to remove and install the return spring for the For removal and installation of the front crankshaft sealContains: (Qty.) (1) 27 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 32 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22intermediate lever on the BMW N52 and N55 L6 on BMW N51, N52 and N54 L6 engines. mm Drive, (1) 36 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 74.5 mm 14-Point 3/8" or 22engines.mm Drive, (1) 74 mm 14-Point 22 mm Drive, (1) 84 mm 14-Point 22 mm Drive, (1) 86BMW 2755$273.62BMW 5254$251.21 mm 16-Point 22 mm Drive.2101$97.56AST AIR HAMMER BALL JOINT INSTALLATION / REMOVAL TOOL KIT Used for breaking free steering knuckle/suspension joints using an impact hammer.Includes: (Qty.) (1) 12 x 1.25mm hammer nut, (1) 12 x 1.50 mm hammer nut, (1) 14 x 1.50mm hammer nut, (1) 16 x 1.50mm hammer nut. AST DRIVE BELT TM20194$72.80 INSTALLATION TOOLAST MULTI PURPOSE WEDGE SET AST CLUTCH CLAMPING TOOL For use with the self-tensioning, stretch type A/CContains: (Qty.) (3) Wedge-Style Panel Removal Tools.Used on all BMW and MINI self adjusting compressor belt on the BMW M57 diesel engine. Constructed of hard black polycarbonate, this set ofclutches (SAC) to reset the clutch for installation. BMW 124057$159.09 wedge-style panel removal tools allows installers to removeIncludes centering ring.oil pans, rocker covers and more, without causing damage. BMW 7080SAC $276.36MW 35$13.6318'