b'Dear Partners,Weareinanewyear,andaftertheturbulencesof2020, undoubtedly better prepared to deal with the unexpected. The new year brings a lot of potentialas we gain control of the pandemic, a strong economic recovery is in reach, and simply being together again sounds like a wonderful prospect.But there are many question marks about the how and when we will get there. So, where should we focus our attention in the meantime?Atyear-endwebrie\x1fyrecognizedourachievementsbefore spending a good deal of time elaborating where we will direct our attention to continue improving for our customers, part-ners and team members going forward.The quick recovery of our industry revealed how important it is toconstantlydrivesophisticationinthecorefunctionsthat enable a wholesale distributor to generate value for its custom-ershaving the inventory where its needed when its needed. While this sounds basic, it requires a considerable amount of re\x1enement when dealing with a foreign-sourced program of over 60,000 part numbers; particularly withsupply shortages being a constant companion.We responded to this challenge by upgrading our data analyt-ics, \x1ene-tuning our forecasting logic, and adjusting our internal transfer system.SSF also delved deep into forensic detail to discoverhowwecanrespondquickertochangesindemand locally and further shorten the time to get our parts from port to shelf. Combined with the implementation of a new Catalog Management System we are now better prepared to bring a rapidly growing European parts program faster to your door-steps.We re excited about 2021 with all its unknowns. What we do know is that focusing on the basics will allow us to deliver an even stronger SSF to you.To a successful year.Yours,Thomas Beer, CEO'