b'HAZET TIRE INFLATOR W/ PRESSURE GAUGE Designed to be used with compressed air. Handle with lever and air release button. 400 mm \x1fexible hose with integrated nipple. Rubber coating protects gauge from light impacts.9041-1$40.78HAZET MAGNETIC PARTS TRAY HAZET WHEEL LUG BOLT / Plastic tray for the storage of small parts suchNUT SOCKET SET HAZET MULTI PURPOSE DRAIN as nuts and screws. Magnetic to attach it to17 mm Impact, 6-Point - 1/2" Drive. With PAN WITH HANDLES tool boxes, shop walls, lifts etc. plastic sleeve to protect the surface6 liter capacity. 400 mm diameter. 120 mm height.197-3$11.39 around lug bolts/nuts. 197N-1$12.86903SLG-17/3$46.47HAZET CYLINDER HEAD BOLT SOCKET - POLYDRIVEFor Mercedes 112, 113 & 137 engines, Saab V6 engines &VW/Audi engines.2579-9$29.30SOCKET DRIVER WITH HAZETFLEXIBLE SHAFT - 7 MM SCREWDRIVER SET 7 mm wrench size. 300 mm total HAZET FENDER COVERHAZET6 PIECE length. 190 mm shaft length.Protects vehicle fenders from scratches, dents, oilPRESSURIZED SPRAY BOTTLEContains: (Qty.) (4) Slotted Screwdrivers,426-7$39.28and dirt during service and repair. Magnetic(1 Liter) Hand pump pressurized. Suitable for(2) Phillips Screwdrivers.attachment (6 magnets). chemical products, including those that are810/6$19.08196N-1$56.19 highly corrosive. 199N-1$30.17HAZET CLAMP WASHER TOOL Removes clamp washers on under\x1foorHAZET BRAKE panels and heatCALIPER CLEANING HAZETshields. BRUSH OIL DRAIN PLUG TOOL 2534-1$14.92 For removal of brake dust and HAZET SUSPENSION STRUTdirt in brake calipers. 225 mm (1/4" Hex Drive Bit)length, narrow version. Plastic MOUNT TOOLDrain plug removal tool for 2015 and newer 2.0T and 1.8Thandle with suspension.This is a spreader tool for the front steeringVW and Audi engines, & 2017 and newer Porsche Macan4968-2$13.58knuckle to allow for easy removal of the front2.0 and 911 Carrera 3.0 engines.struts for BMW and MINI. 2528-1$21.674912-3$12.42HAZETHAZET HAZETAIR BLOW GUN BALL JOINT PULLERUTILITY KNIFE Aluminum housing with airUNIVERSAL Comfortable handle. Featuressupply at tool head or handle,For removing ball joint pivots. quick blade changing, bladepressure regulator andWide clamping range due to magazine with safety lock & exchangeable nozzles. Includescontinuous height thumb cushion. short and long nozzles. adjustment and tilting of the Includes: (Qty.) (5) Blades. Includes a 7.2 mm male quicklower part. 23 mm mouth connect air hose \x1etting. For 1/4"opening. 65 mm clamping 2157-1$26.66 male quick connect \x1etting, seerange.part # 16072. 1779-1$84.309040-4$25.91 29 40'