b'HAZET MULTI PURPOSE MEASURING CONTAINER1 Liter.With pouring spout. Transparent high-density polyethylene material (HDPE). Not for use with acidic liquids.198-4$8.52HAZET HIGH PERFORMANCE RATCHET WRENCH1/2 Drive.2-component handle for optimum handling. Polished chrome \x1fnish. Small operating angle enables better use in tightHAZET SUCTION GUNspaces. 275 mm length. 90 teeth ratchetExcess \x1euid can be easily sucked out. With \x1eexibleHAZET WHEEL VALVE STEM TOOL wheel. Shear strength rated at 1000nm. plastic hose. Housing made of galvanized steel. 500 mlFor removing and installing wheel valve stem 916 HP$60.41 \x1flling capacity. Not suitable for acidic liquids. cores. Can also be used to press the valve stem pin HAZET COOLANT /2162-4$17.61 to de\x1eate the tire.ANTIFREEZE666-1$12.68VACUUM FILL TOOLTime-saving, no additional bleeding necessary. Easy application due to quick-release coupling. Bubble-free re\x1flling. Vacuum leakage test of radiator before \x1flling. Also use: (Qty.) (1) 4801-2/3PORSCHE vacuum \x1fll cone set. HAZET PIPE STOPPER SETLIMITED EDITION4801-1$198.69 Used to seal pipelines in brake systems, airPNEUMATIC IMPACT conditioning systems, power steering andPORSCHEWRENCH - 1/2" DRIVEfuel systems that cannot be secured with aLIMITED EDITION SOCKET SETLimited edition Porsche Design. \x1eexible hose clamp.Contains: (Qty.) (1) 6.3Limited edition Porsche Design. White and blackWhite rear housing cover with mm clamp, (1) 8mm clamp,(1) 10 mm clamp,SmartCase. Contains: (Qty.) (1) ratchet wrench, (1) socket"PORSCHE MOTORSPORT" on the (1) 10 mm double sealing clamp. driver, (3) slotted screwdriver bits, (3) phillips screwdriverhandle.4591/4$26.23 bits, (3) pozidrive bits, (5) allen bits, (7) torx bits, (10)9012M-PD$224.856-point short sockets, (1) 55 mm extension, (1) 101.5 mm extension, (2) socket/bit adapters, (1) universal joint, (1) SmartCase.HAZET 856-1-PD$203.69HAZET HEX KEY SETGREASE GUN9 piece hex key set. Nickel plated For precise lubrication ofwith ball head and extra long strking mechanisms,design. (Qty.) (1) 1.5 mm hex key,HAZETspindles, etc. Creates(1) 2 mm hex key, (1) 2.5 mm hexENGINE PISTON RING pressure up to 1,000 PSI /key, (1) 3 mm hex key, (1) 4 mm 69 bar. Suitable for \x1fllinghex key, (1) 5 mm hex key, (1) 6mmCOMPRESSOR WITH with loose grease. Fillinghex key, (1) 8 mm hex key, (1) 10WRENCHcapacity 3 oz. mm hex key. High strength spring steel.2105LG/9H$50.55 60 mm minimum diameter. 2162M$26.83 125 mm maximum HAZETdiameter. 80 mm height. SOCKET SET 794-1$50.13 Extra short design, suitable for use with short impact wrenches.Contains: (Qty) (1) 13mm 6-point socket, (1) 17mm 6-point HAZET socket, (1) 19mm 6-point socket, (1) 21mm 6-point socket.TOOL TOTE TRAY 900SK/4$41.87215 X 396 X 294 mm.Solvent resistant plastic with aluminum carrying handle. Open and practical. With measurement scale (cm / inch) on the top. HAZET THREAD 190L-1$21.81 HAZET REPAIR TOOL SET Repairs right-hand and PNEUMATICleft-hand threads. IMPACT WRENCH Blade automatically 1/2" DRIVE adapts to any thread Ergonomically handle andpitch within range. Also casing for improved handling.suitable for aluminium Interior parts heat treated tothreads. Contains: (Qty.) (1) minimize wear. Higher powerOutside thread tool, (2) delivery. Includes a 7.2 mm maleInside thread tools, Protective quick connect air hose \x1ftting. ForHAZET SOCKET SET - TORX UNIVERSALcovers for aluminium threads.1/4" male quick connect \x1ftting, seeJOINTS - 3/8" DRIVE - 4-PIECE SETFor outside thread 4-13 mm, and part # 16072. Contains: (Qty.) (1) E8 External TORX, (1) E10 External TORX,inside thread 5-12 mm.9012SPC$155.06 (1) E12 External TORX, (1) E14 External TORX. 842AIG-1/4$157.43880G-E/4$151.36 30'