b'AGA IRATCHETING TETHER1/8 AGA IRATCHETING TETHER1/4 AGA INSIDE DOOR PANELAGA I 8 HP TRANSMISSION PARK AUsed to secure parts out of the way of theUsed to secure parts out of the way of theLEVER REPAIR KIT - Version 2RELEASE TOOL working area. 75-lb. max capacity, 1/8" polyesterworking area. 150-lb. max capacity, 1/4" polyesterAluminum bracket that replaces the original plasticUsed to unlock parking lock on 8HP transmissions rope, 36" length. rope, 60" length. inner door panel lever, which is not available from thewithout screw in bolt release.Contains: (Qty.) (2) Ratcheting Parts Tether. Contains: (Qty.) (1) Ratcheting Parts Tether. vehicle manufacturer, saving the expense of replacing83-30-5-A0B-522$384.5255 9972 020$20.00 55 9972 030$19.99 the door panel itself. This is an updated kit that repairs the lever regardless of where the lever is broken. 22 8425 016$115.15AGA AUTO TRANS FILL PLUG SOCKET - T55 INSIDE TORX - 17 mm DriveAGA WORK LIGHT KIT Used to remove and replace the auto trans \x1fll plug. ForWork light kit that clips onto objects in the engine compartment in order to MINI R52, R53, R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60 and R61AGA EXHAUST RATTLE REPAIR KITmake it easier to see. Each light bar produces 560 lumens and is 6000-6500K chassis with 6-speed automatic transmission. To repair exhaust rattle caused by a loose exhaust butter\x1ey valve withoutcolor temp (pure white light). The kit is also waterproof. Provides superior Small in size and also registers on the outer diameter ofhaving to replace the mu\x1der. Includes a silicon bronze housing thatlighting for poorly lit, limited and tight work areas. Increased visibility when the plug, making it simple to reach the plug. supports the exhaust butter\x1ey valve shaft with an internal spring thatworking in dim lit areas, and greatly reduces the chance of making mistakes.26 9976 010$5479 applies pressure on the shaft, eliminating the rattle noise.55 4676 010$153.56Contains: (Qty.) (1) Silicone Bronze Housing, (1) Stainless Steel Clip, (1) Scotch-Brite Pad, (1) Allen Wrench.09 9985 010$110.50AGA CRANKCASE TEST CAP TOOL Used during engine crankcase smoke and pressure testing. Made from 6061 billet aluminum, andAGA designed to work with many olderTRANSMISSION JACK HEAD and newer vehicles with steel,Universal transmission jack head that will \x1ft aluminum, and plastic valve covers.most transmission jacks and lift tables with 55 9998 010$64.40 jack head adapters. Features a tilting function for removing and installing with ease. Jack head includes 1/4" ratcheting tether.55 9972 100$549.0039 36'