b'20 years of MEYLE HD.- Driven by principle.#HD20YRS-|\x01 \x01\x01u\x01\x01\x019\x17i3\x17\x01uu\x01\x01\x01uuuWe love technology and sustainability, which is why we started producing technically enhanced MEYLE HD spare parts 20 years ago. Our spare parts have a four-year warranty* and are more reliable and durable than OE parts. Today, our engineers continue to set new u\x01\x01\x019\x17i3\x17\x01%\x13\x01\x019\x17i3\x17\x01%\x13\x01\x01\x01\x01\x01uu\x01steering and suspension product line. We cant help but do so. Driven by principle. Learn more at www.meyle.com/HD20meyle.com/HD2011 8'