b'especially the technicians part.Shop Space and Clear and Unobstructed Requirements for an In-House ADAS Calibration Bay-Figure 5: The Bosch ADASwith. There are many solutions for shops to consider; Positioning System (BAP) uses asome of these ADAS tooling setups and some of the unique camera and vision sensor Figure 4: The Bosch DAS3000 with the ADS-625system to locate the vehicle Vehicle Interface for ADAS Radar and Camerafor fast accurate calibration setup.and clear-space requirements. Some systems require calibration and service. (Courtesy Bosch Diagnostics.) (Courtesy Bosch Diagnostics.)So How Do We Begin ToManage This in Our Shops?In cases where the shop is not performing ADAS camera alignments or-tion stations. out the physical approach before committing to a purchase. as compared to their larger cousins.Shops should also consider performing a pre scan on write-up and a post-repair scan as a policy to identify the state of calibration in these systems before and after repairs. of targets and vehicle jigs or adapters.- -tation procedures to notify the customer in writing that the recalibration or procedure is required and should consider requiring the customers forcompletingthecalibrationsnecessaryatthedealerorcalibrationHazydiscussionwithsalesdepartmentsherecanandwillcausecon-facility of choice.spacenecessarytoperformADAScalibrationsin-houseonmultiple-models. The first thing for this shop to put into play and practice is all of from the scan tool perspective. The scanner will be essential to utilize thedocumentationrelatingtogettingthecalibrationdoneelsewhere.33 8'