b'HAZET SUCTION GUNExcess \x1euid can be easily sucked out. With \x1eexible plastic hose.Housing made of galvanized steel. 500 ml \x1flling capacity.Not suitable for acidic liquids.HAZET FENDER COVER 2162-4$17.56Magnetic attachment, (6 magnets) Suitable for nearly all vehicles. 196N-1 $75.15HAZET AIR BLOW GUN - 100MMHandle, trigger and valve made of acetal plastic. Blast pipe and shaft madeof steel, nitrile seals and o-rings and hardened spring steel spring. HAZET HOSE REEL - 3/8 in X 50 ft Conforms to OSHA STD 190-95 (b).Black hybrid polymer hose suitable for air or9040P-1 $17.97water. Hose stop function at any point, braked winding to prevent risk of accidents. Automatic guidance ensures neat winding of hose. High-quality plastic casing supplied with rotating metal mounting bracket.9040N-10$186.44HAZETGREASE GUN For precise lubrication of strking mechanisms, spindles, etc. Creates pressure up to 1,000 PSI / 69 bar. Suitable for \x1flling with loose grease. Filling capacity 3 oz.2162M$28.40RATCHET WRENCH2-component handle for optimum handling. Polished chrome \x1fnish. Small operating angle enables better use in tight spaces. Special heat treatment for high-strength teeth and extremely sturdy square.415 mm length. 90 teeth ratchet wheel. Shear strength rated at 1000nm.916HPL $125.744'