b'AGA LIFT TABLEAGA ALLEN SOCKET SET AGA BMW & Lift table that can accommodate engines, transmissions,13 MM DRIVE 4-PIECE SET MINIWHEEL subframes, electric car battery packs, fuel tanks, etc. ElevatesCompact, magnetic designed to be used with any 13 mm wrench. CanLOCK REMOVAL TOOL KITfrom 18.5" to 68.5". Dual speed pump assembly. Includes abe used to remove and install oil drain/\x1fll plugs in tight spaces. StrongTo remove high security wheel lock with spinning complete set of \x1fxtures, transmission head adapter tube, andmagnet keeps socket \x1frmly connected to the wrench, while a smallerring on BMW & MINI vehicles, without the need of a table placement guide/plumb bob. Adjustable 5 positionmagnet on the allen side keeps drain/\x1fll plugs connected to the socket.key and leaving no damage to the wheel.locking handle. Remote lowering control. 1,500 lb weightContains: Contains:capacity. Compact design is only 57" X 29". (1) 14 mm Allen Socket (1) Collet55 5453 010$6,744.64 (1) 12 mm Allen Socket (1) Pin(1) 10 mm Allen Socket (1) Remover. (1) 8 mm Allen Socket(1) Case55 6946 010$407.5555 7116 030$160.55AGA INSIDE DOOR PANELAGA BMW PARKING BRAKE LEVERAGA BRAKE PRESSURE BLEEDERLEVER REPAIR KIT - Version 2RETAINER CLIP 2.5 Liter brake pressure bleeder with built in pressure regulator Aluminum bracket that replaces the original plastic inner door panel lever,Made of billet aluminum.designed to work with shop air or portable co2 tank.which is not available from the vehicle manufacturer, saving the expense of09 5074 100$122.55 For brake bleeder reservoir cap see part # 55 1728 010.replacing the door panel itself. This is an updated kit that repairs the lever55 0867 020$93.85regardless of where the lever is broken. 22 8425 016$129.20HAZET CYLINDER HEAD BOLT SOCKET - POLYDRIVEFor Mercedes 112, 113 & 137 engines, Saab V614engines &VW/Audi engines.2579-9$29.30'