b"DRIVABILITY, MISFIRES & INTERMITTENTNO-STARTS!A JAGUAR &LAND ROVER DIAGNOSTICROAD MAPby Tom MorganSo, there you are, pulling up to your repair shop after a great couple of days o\x1f and there it is. AHavingadiagnosticpathiscritical.Guessing,assuming,andfollowing 2018 Range Rover fresh o\x1f the tow truck. Immediately all those great weekend memories comepattern failures isnt going to \x1ex vehicles quickly. Having a diagnostic plan crashing down to this new reality. Take a deep breath and don't cry, it's ok, you can do it!Withand following it each time will help you become more pro\x1ecient and build some hesitation you \x1end the keys and assess the situation. The customer complaint is that thecon\x1edence in your tests. Lets collect a few pieces of data as we go along engine runs rough and sometimes stalls altogether. Also, the check engine light is on. and put the puzzle together to build the whole picture.Your \x1erst attempt at starting the vehicle fails but at least it cranks strongly. Second attemptSome things to think about as we go along.brings a little more joy as the engine will sputter and run for a very short while. Third attempt, theEngine style such as Direct Injection GDI, Turbocharged, Supercharged. engine starts and runs.How many miles on the vehicle? Did this happen recently after fueling up? As you run the engine up to operating temperature you can agree that, although it runs, it isBecoming a detective with vehicle diagnostics can be exciting. Stick to the running rough. Apparent mis\x1eres. road map but dont be afraid to think outside the box. We usually only have So where do you start your diagnosis? an hour on the time clock. So, lets get moving. It is ALWAYS a good idea to grab your scan tool, and perform a full-vehicle Isitafuelingissue?Isitanignitionissue?Avacuumleak?Oracombinationofallthesequick test report. Well be using the iSCAN by Autoland Scientech for our manifestations? quicktest and live data values. Ensuring you have good battery voltage before you begin.Take a step back and lets work through a few of the most common, and often overlooked, diagnostics tests as we work our way to more complex testing.WhendealingwithJLRproductsitisimperativetoconnectabattery voltagestabilizingchargertothevehiclebefore running diagnostics. JLR products are only happy when they are functioning at peak supply voltage. In this case that would be no lower than 12.5 volts DC.Remembertoconnectyourpositive(redcable)directlytothe positive post of the starting battery or red battery post under the hood. Connect the negative (black cable) to a clean engine, body, or chassis ground. Avoid going directly to the system battery if the vehicle is equipped with a battery monitor sensor on the negative cable.Doingsocandamagethesensorandcircumventthe battery monitoring.WithJLRproductsaswithseveralotherEuropeanvehicles, battery voltage is critical. Vehicles have become voltage hogs! Sensors,ECUs,PumpsandMotorswontfunctionattheir GET YOUR iSCAN TOOL TODAY! intended operating voltage or performance due to low voltage. This could be a cause for erratic readings, erroneous fault codes iSCAN SF55 2841 030and lead you in a bad diagnostic direction. So, if you see faults in iSCAN 355 2841 020 any system calling out for battery voltage, its in your best interest to interrogate the vehicle supply battery. Just because it cranks and starts doesnt make it good. The engine will crank as low as 10.0 volts DC. Test the battery!! 27 8"