b'AFTERMARKET PADSWITH OE DNA.CHOOSE THE POWER OF PERFORMANCE.CHOOSE FERODO.LEADING OE SUPPLIER OF PADS TO: ABARTH \x19 ALFA ROMEO \x19 AUDI \x19 BENTLEY \x19 BMW \x19 BUICK \x19 CADILLAC CHRYSLER \x19 CITRON \x19 DACIA \x19 FIAT \x19 FORD \x19 GM \x19 HYUNDAI \x19 ISUZ UJAGUAR \x19 LAMBORGHINI \x19 LANCIA \x19 LAND ROVER \x19 LDV \x19 MASERAT IMAZDA \x19 MERCEDES\x19BENZ \x19 MINI \x19 MITSUBISHI \x19 NISSAN \x19 OPELPEUGEOT \x19 RENAULT \x19 SEAT \x19 SKODA \x19 SMART \x19 TESLA \x19 TOYOTA \x19 VOLKSWAGEN \x19 VOLVO100 YEARS OE COMMITMENTWhat do you know about that new set of aftermarket brakepads?Weretheyproducedbyaworlds leadingbrakepadsupplier?Havetheybeen chosen as original equipment for nearly 25 million vehicles per year? Are they the result of 100 years of OE expertise? In other words, did they come from Ferodo or some other brand? Because the answer really matters.www.ferodo.com Ferodo is a registered trademark of Tenneco Inc. or one or more of its subsidiaries in one or more countries.ferodo.com castrol.com/edge-euro17 12'