b'HAZET SCREWDRIVER SET6 PIECEHAZET MAGNETIC PARTS TRAY Contains:Plastic tray for the storage of small parts such(4) Slotted Screwdrivers HAZET MULTI PURPOSE DRAIN as nuts and screws. Magnetic to attach it to(2) Phillips Screwdrivers PAN WITH HANDLES tool boxes, shop walls, lifts etc. 810/6$27.06 6 liter capacity. 400 mm diameter. 120 mm height.197-3$11.45 197N-1$13.13WINDSHIELD WASHER NOZZLE ADJUSTING TOOLFor adjusting windshield washer nozzles. Coated, telescopic tool shows the water beam direction.Includes adjusting needle and protective cap, magnetic head 6 mm in diameter, and pocket clip.4850-1$10.16HAZET OIL DRAIN PLUG TOOL(1/4" Hex Drive Bit)HAZET METAL TOOL BOX Drain plug removal tool for 2015 and newer 2.0T and 1.8T5 sections with padlock. Sturdy fold-out VW and Audi engines, & 2017 and newer Porsche Macandesign. Enameled blue and black color.2.0 and 911 Carrera 3.0 engines. 190L $78.322528-1$22.34HAZET CYLINDER HEAD BOLT SOCKET - POLYDRIVE3 For Mercedes 112, 113 & 137 engines, Saab V626engines &VW/Audi engines.2579-9$29.30'