b'Level 0 Vehicles Passive or active warnings only, no automated driving controls (LDW) driver 100% in control.Level 1 Vehicles Single Purpose System, Early Radar Cruise and Early LKA systems,conditional automation programmed into the system. partial system integration & automation.Level 2 Vehicles L2 vehicles provide some networking and integration into multiple Level 3 Vehicles Integrated and networked vehicle systems ADAS controls, can drivecontrol of the car. itself, but "legally" still requires a driver in the car. (Todays ADAS.)Level 4 Vehicles Fully self-driving capabilities but still have driver controls andLevel4AutonomousVehicles:inputs too. (Here now, but not legal.)Level 5 Vehicles Fully autonomous, NO driver controls, George Jetson vehicles withoperationonU.S.andstateroadways.Thesearefullyautonomouswheels still on the ground. driving-capableplatformsbutstillhavedrivercontrols.Thesecarsare legallyallowedundertestincertainjurisdictionswherepilottestbeds identify level of automation for crash avoidance, adaptive cruise and other self-driving capabilities (paraphrased for our purposes here).Level5AutonomousVehicles:The Technology ADASintegrationasanexample.Thesevehiclesarefullycapableof other systems control operations during normal driving and pre-crash avoidance conditions. Figure 3: A cutaway shot of the ADAS integrated Pre-Safe Collision Avoidance System. These vehicles have ADAS functions fully networked through the control module, which all act in concert to protect the vehicle occupants, autonomously. (Courtesy Mercedes-Benz.)Level1AutonomousVehicles:Thislevelofautomationisgenerally tied to the driver being able to cede control of individual sys-Level2AutonomousVehicles:position in the roadway.Level3AutonomousVehicles: statistic that really got attention. He stated that for every degree or two a 32'