b'VIGOR D OOR PANELVIGORMULTI PURPOSEVIGOR INSPECTION MIRRORREMOVAL TOOL WEDGE SETTelescopic rod features double hinge joint with tension 3 Piece.For removing metal and plastic doorIncludes 5 specialty tools designed to remove trimspring. Mirror exchangeable via quick-change system.panel clips. strips, panels, wheel caps, bezels, liners, shrouds,Contains:V4885 $47.97 fascia, and more. (1) Case with soft foam insertV1369 $31.07 (1) 40 mm round mirror(1) 60 mm round mirror(1) 64 x 42 mm rectangular mirrorV5480 $46.24VIGORTORX SCREWDRIVER BIT EXTENSION VIGOR BRAKE BLEEDER TOOL KIT VIGOR 216 PIECESOCKET SET3/8" Drive.TORX inserts in 48 mm, 93 mm, 133 mm &193 mm lengths.For bleeding brake line systems, changing brake \x1euids without removingContains 3 \x1fne toothed ratchets and an assortment V6017 $88.17 the wheels, and bleeding coupling systems. Easy opening and closing of theof bits and sockets in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" sizes.brake nipple thanks to a special hinge ratchet. See digital asset for full contents.Contains:V3277N $320.57(1) bleeder valve ratchet (1) long 11 mm socket(1) short 10 mm socket (2) short rubber hose(1) short 11 mm socket (2) long rubber hose(1) long 10 mm socket (1) 90-degree universal adapterV7471/17$240.0425 38'