b'AGA OIL DRAIN PLUG REMOVAL TOOL KIT The drain plug repair tool is used to repair AGAENGINE OIL DRAIN PLUG AGA BMW VALVE STEM SEAL INSTALLERdamaged engine oil drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans.Contains: (14 X 1.5 MM) Steel installation sleeve streamlines the process of installing valve stem (1) Oil cap with regulator Used with AGA Engine Oil Drain Tool.seals. Takes the place of the traditional plastic sleeves that can only be (1) Air supply hose with valve See part number 55 9973 010. used once and can be di\x1ecult to work with. Magnetic, making it easy to (1) Debris shield 09 5560 200 $94.05 retrieve should it be accidentally dropped in the engine.(1) 14 mm Boring tool drill bit 09 8496 010(BMW N62 & N63TU V8 engines)$17.10(1) 14 mm Thread forming tap(1) 14 mm Alignment pin(1) 14 mm Re-facing tool(1) 16 mm Boring tool drill bit(1) 16 mm Thread forming tap(1) 16 mm Alignment pin(1) 16 mm Re-facing tool55 7218 030 $901.55AGADRIVE SHAFT HOLDER TOOLAGA SMOKE DIAGNOSTIC LEAK DETECTORAGA OIL TRANSFER PUMP ADAPTERThis tool is used for holding the driveshaftINTERCOOLER TEST PLUG KIT Part of the AGA Clean Oil Series. Connects any vacuum pump with a 3/8 connection nut during removal and installationThis kit allows one to accurately test the intercooler system upstream orID hose and allows the unit to be connected to the AGA Clean Oil Series procedure. downstream. This kit uses a 1/4" NPT \x1ftting. Drain Tool.83-30-0-496-959 $189.05 For most intercooled Mercedes models. For AGA Clean Oil Drain Tool see part number 55 9973 010.55 0168 906$128.25 55 2748 010$18.9915 38'