b'CTA 10-PIECE10 MMSETCTA MBZ ENGINE OIL The 5 most popular styles of 10 mm s in 1/4" and 3/8" drives.DRAIN PLUG TOOL Includes stubby, standard, deep, \x1fex, and magnetic impact s.For removal of the plastic drain plug Knurled non-slip ring for maximum grip. Polished chromeon Mercedes models.\x1enish. Contains:CTA DIESEL EMISSIONS8606$7.83(Qty.) (1) 1/4" 10 mm Hex - stubby FLUID FILLER FUNNEL 1/4" 10 mm Hex - standard FAllows fast and clean \x1elling of DEF also known as 1/4" 10 mm Hex - deep AdBlue. Features a special threaded connector to \x1et 1/4" 10 mm Hex - universal joint, 1/4" 10 mm Hex - magnetic all standard DEF systems, elbow adapter to create 3/8" 10 mm Hex - stubby, 3/8" 10 mm Hex - standard angle, shut-o\x1c valve to prevent spillage, air-bleed line for 3/8" 10 mm Hex - deep fast \x1fow. Built in screen to prevent contaminants entering 3/8" 10 mm Hex - universal joint system. Funnel body features wide-mouthed opening & 3/8" 10 mm Hex - magnetic built-in handle.3805$35.71 7220$42.15CTA SAAB CYLINDER HEAD BOLT CTA LUGDRILLERE16 Torx - 1/2" DriveRemoves the most di\x1dcult locking lug bolts quickly, safely and without damage 37 mm total length.to wheel or rim, great for all vehicles with lost or damaged locking lug bolt keys.9240$4.97 Contains:(4) Nylon internal centering guides(3) metal external centering guides(1) metal centering guide for free turning lugsCTA SPRINTER FUEL PUMP(2) ultra hard drill bits with tungsten carbide tipsLOCK RING TOOL (4) extractorsUsed to remove and replace the locking ring on(1) impact extractor holderin-tank fuel pumps for Mercedes Sprinter models. (1) impact extractor remover1808$49.30 1775 $411.1319 18'