b'NUSSBAUM SPRINTER MID-RISE7000 lb lifting capacity, 39 inch lifting height. Anti-skid lifting platforms are galvanized with adjustable lengths. Can be installed without screws on almost any \x1fat solid surface. Mobile-Set allows the lift to be moved quickly and easily. Fully hydraulic system. No compressed air required. High performance power unit. Compact oil-submerged motor. Push button controls. Fast lifting and lowering times.SPRINTER 7000$3,514.89 *No. 1 in the Automotive AftermarketIn the Past, Today and in the Future.Febi Bilstein is a pioneer in the spare parts market. As a group-independent, family-owned company with a long tradition,wehaveearlyonsupportedalternativesto original parts that are of equal or higher qualityin the UNI9000 $11,549.00 * interest of consumers worldwide.NUSSBAUM UNI LIFT UNI9000 PLUS VEHICLE LIFT (Internal Wheels Free)Our range of more than 40,000 technical wear parts for The UNI LIFT incorporates thepassengercarsandcommercialvehiclesisgrowing NUSSBAUM NT hydraulic system with$,15,327.00 * steadily because our aim is to make new products avail-precisely machined steel to create the \x1enest alignment scissor lift in theUNI9000A(Alignment)able in the aftermarket as soon as possible. We keep an world. This lift is the perfect solution$,13,531.00 * eyeoncurrenttrendsanddevelopmentssothatour for general repair, wheel alignment,customers are always one step ahead.test lanes and car reception areas. UNI9000A PLUS (9,000 lb lifting capacity) (Alignment & Internal Wheels Free) $,12,085.00 *Financing Available Through( *) Denotes special order only. febi.com9'
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