b'LTI MERCEDESLTI MERCEDES"C" MASTER KEY SET"A" WHEEL MASTER KEY SET10 pc set. Covers 10 of the 60 MBZ factory master wheelFor use with Mercedes wheel locks. Covers 30 of lock keys. NOTE:4180 MBZ "A" kit covers 30 factorythe 60 Mercedes Benz factory master wheel lock master wheel lock key. LT4165 MBZ "B" /BMW kit coverskeys. Includes a custom blow molded carrying 20 MBZ/ BMS master wheel lock keys. Duplicate ofcase.Because of impact hammer disclaimer, kit is sold with no warranty.factory master key guides. Not to be used with impactLT4180$388.47hammers. Because of impact hammer disclaimer, kit sold with no warranty.LT4181$129.47LTI BMW2ND GENERATION LTI BMW WHEEL LOCK BOLT KITWHEEL MASTER KEY SET Duplicate factory lugnut keys. 21 pc BMW kit \x1fts 20 pc set.Removes all 2nd gen 2012-present BMWall internal spline drive locksIncludes factory wheel lugnut locks.Identical to factory set anti-scratch nylon sleeved installer socketuses same factory part numbers.Cannot be usedLT4160$118.97 with air hammers. Due to air hammer disclaimer, kit is sold with no warranty.LT4165$258.97LTI PORSCHELTI VW/AUDI WHEEL LOCK KEY KITWHEEL MASTER LOCK SET 23 pc factory reproduced master wheel lugnut 2o pc. Factory duplicate with factory part numbers. key/bolt kit.Works on all VW/Audi factory wheel 20 pc kit works on 2006 to 2016Porsche models lugnut locks. 22 piece splined lugnut bolts with LT4170$132.97 nylon sleeveddrive 17mm drive socket. Priced at a fraction of factory supplied kit.LT4150$118.97 LTI WHEEL LOCK REMOVAL KITStrustarnott.com27'
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