b'VIGOR TURBORCHARGERVIGOR SOCKET SETVIGOR BRAKE CALIPERVIGOR SOCKET SET PRESSURE TEST KIT216 Piece Set. 3 \x1fne toothed ratchets andPISTON TOOL SET172 Piece Set.3 \x1fne toothed ratchetsVIGORABS REAMER SETFor quick diagnosis of the charge air system.assortment of bits & sockets in 1/4", 3/8",For damage free resetting of brakeand an assortment of bits and socketsFor reaming corroded and stuck ABS sensors. Includes: V4304 $310.99 1/2" sizes. caliper pistons. in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" sizes. (Qty.) (1) 133 X 10 mm reamer, (1) 42 X 14 mm reamer, V3277N $234.97 V3760 $188.34 V2461N $179.00 (1) 33 X 15 mm reamer, (1) 32 X 18 mm reamer, (1) 42 X 18 mm reamer, (1) 10 X 133 mm twist drill, (1) Fine tooth ratchet with hinge joint.V3228 $253.16VIGOR MULTI PURPOSE FUNNELVIGOR MULTI PURPOSE Suitable for all common \x1euids.DRAIN PAN VIGOR TORX SCREWDRIVERSelf-clamping features.50 liter capacity. 800 mm width, 520 mm BIT EXTENSION VIGOR MAGNETICIncludes stainless steel \x1flter. long, 100 mm height.3/8" Drive.TORX inserts in 48 mm, 93 mm, 133PICKUP TOOL WITH CLAWV4648 $47.52mm &193 mm lengths.With permanent magnet, \x1eexible shaft,V5488 $52.59 VIGOR V6017 $74.66 deployable claw and ergonomic handle. HOOK & PICK TOOL SETV1764 $16.59 Ideal for removing and inserting o-rings & gaskets.V5045 $47.78VIGOR WIPER ARM PULLER SET VIGORFor easy removal of common wiper arms.VIGORDENT REMOVAL TOOLV2523 $161.79 TUBE FLARING TOOL SET COOLING SYSTEM TESTERPractical one-hand lever operation. Suited for brake and hydraulic lines Complete cooling system diagnostic withV5531 $19.88 with thin-walled pipes made of steel,VIGORSOCKET SETextensive adapter selection suitable for allaluminum & copper. 3/8" DRIVE SUPER FLATcommon vehicles.V1728 $265.94 Solid steel reversible ratchet with ergonomic handle. V1963N $450.00 Short inserts enable work in tight spaces.Cotains: (Qty.) (1) Ratchet, (1) 3/8" adapter, (1) universal joint, (1) 75 mm extension, (1) 150 mm extension, (13) socket wrench insert 8-22 mm.VIGORV6202 $105.30FLASHLIGHTCompact design with shock resistant aluminum housing, adjustable head for focusing, belt clip, and a 3 watt LED.V4969 $13.31 WHEEL WEIGHTVIGOR ENGINE OIL FILLER REMOVER SETFUNNEL ADAPTER SET For disassembling adhesive weights onFor easy \x1flling of engine oil. Angle extensionVIGOR TORX SOCKET SETaluminum wheels, or removing adhesives. enables simple \x1flling in narrow areas.1/2" Drive (1) T30, (1) T40, (1) T45, (1) T50, V2512 $26.20 V6027 $190.09 (1) T55, (1) T60, (1) T70, (1) T80. VIGOR V7017 $75.63 MAGNETIC PARTS TRAY .V5677 $16.272'
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