b'When it comes to the Rein Automotive brand, the \x1frst thing most people think of is OE-quality cooling system components. And while CRP Automotive o\x1eers more than 700 Rein hose and cooling category SKUs for a wide range of late-model import vehicles, the Rein name also covers 2,500+ OE-quality replacement partsincluding anti-vibration and power steering parts.TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 ENERGY - 5W-40 SYNTHETIC (55 GALLON DRUM) COOLANT HOSESMeets Speci\x1fcations: API SN/CF, BMW Longlife 01, M/B 229.5, Audi/VWDesigned to be direct replacements for OE hoses and hose 502.00 & 505.00, Porsche A40.Item not stocked in our warehouse; specialassemblieswith the correct number, size, and con\x1fgura-order only. Contact your sales representative for details.tion of branches; plus thermoplastic Quick Connect \x1fttings if 184621 (Call for BestPrice) required. Some kits include a pre-installed OE temp sensor.TOTAL QUARTZ INEO MC3 - 5W-30THERMOSTATS & ASSEMBLIESSYNTHETIC (55 GALLON DRUM) A failed thermostat can negatively a\x1eect vehicle operation in Low SAPS formula.Meets Speci\x1fcations: API SN/CF, BMW Longlife 04, M/Bseveral di\x1eerent ways. Rein thermostats match the tempera-229.31, 229.51, & 229.52, Audi/VW 502.00 & 505.01, Saab GM-LL-A/B-025 &ture rating of the OE part to keep a vehicle running at peak Dexos 2.Item not stocked in our warehouse; special order only. Contact your sales representative for details. performance. When replacing a water pump, its a good idea to 184691 (Call for BestPrice) TOOLS replace the thermostat at the same time.WATER PUMPS & KITSNew water pumps sourced from industry-leading suppliers. TOTAL QUARTZ INEOPump bearings match the OE design and materials for minimal MC3 5W-30 SYNTHETIC thermal expansion and low noise. OE-quality gaskets come Low SAPS formula. Meets Speci\x1fcations:standard. Selected kits o\x1eer the option of a metal or plastic API SN/CF, BMW Longlife 04, M/B 229.31, 229.51, & 229.52, Audi/VW 502.00 & 505.01,impeller, others include thermostat assembly & temp sensor.Saab GM-LL-A/B-025 & Dexos 2.(1 Qt)182950$5.25 SENSORS(5 Qt)184953 $24.99 Sensors are a critical link in the proper operation of any engine. Rein o\x1eers a program of high-quality temperature and coolant level sensors. These sensors are easy to install, come with gaskets and retaining clips, and perform just like the OE part TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 and very often are the OE part!ENERGY COOLANT EXPANSION TANKS5W-40 SYNTHETICMeets Speci\x1fcations: API SN/CF, BMWTanks are exposed to thousands of heat cycles over the course Longlife 01, M/B 229.5, Audi/VW 502.00 &of its service lifeand thats not including any overheating 505.00, Porsche A40.(1 Qt)185703$5.25 conditions. Unlike similar tanks on the market, Reinexpansion (5 Qt)184952$24.99 tanks are made from 100% virgin plastic to ensure longevity. Selected tank kits include tank, coolant level sensor, and cap.CAPSCaps may not seem like critical parts, but see what happens TOTAL QUARTZ 9000when one gets damaged or even lost. Many fuel caps have a FUTURE GF5 - 0W-20valve that can failtriggering a check engine light. Rein SYNTHETIC o\x1eers a program of OE-quality fuel, oil, and expansion tank Meets Speci\x1fcations: API SN, ILSAC GF5. capsensuring proper installation and function.(1 Qt)185645$3.99The Import Standardtotalspecialties.com/engine-oils.html CRPautomotive.com32'
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