b'AGA BMW EXHAUST RATTLE REPAIR KITTo repair exhaust rattle caused by a loose exhaust butter\x1fy valveAGA OIL DRAIN PLUG without having to replace theREMOVAL TOOL KIT mu\x1eer. Includes a silicon bronzeThe drain plug repair tool is used to housing that supports the exhaustrepair damaged 12mm engine oil drain valve shaft with an internal springplug threads on aluminum oil pans.that applies pressure on shaft,Contains: (1) Oil cap with regulator, (1) AGA MERCEDESeliminating rattle noise. A springAir supply hose with valve, (1) Debris INTAKE MANIFOLD LEVER loaded clip provides tensionshield, (1) Boring tool drill bit, (1) Made of 6061 billet aluminum, this lever replaces thebetween the actuator arm andThread forming tap, (1) Alignment pin, original plastic lever, which is not available as a spareexhaust valve arm; this eliminates(1) Re-facing tool.part from the car manufacturer. Detailed installationany rattle from the loose/worn arm.83-30-2-461-309 $426.55instructions are included.09 9985 010 $113.0522 9984 212 $189.05AGA ALLEN SOCKET SET AGA FUEL FILL 13 MM DRIVE 4-PIECE SET AND EXTRACTION PUMPTo be used with13 mm wrench. Can be used toAllows fuel \x1dlling and extraction,10 micron \x1dlter with water remove and install oil drain/\x1dll plugs in tight spaces.block element, magnetic cell to detect metal, dipstick Strong magnet keeps socket \x1drmly connected tomeasuring in liters & gallons, vapor \x1dlter, and antistatic hose. wrench, while a smaller magnet on the allen sideFill Rate: 15 gals per minute. Extraction Rate: 4 gals per minute. keeps drain/\x1dll plugs connected to socket.(Qty.) (1)55 7417 010$1,756.5514 mm Allen Socket, (1) 12 mm Allen Socket, (1) 10AGA SIPHON HOSE RATCHETING TETHER mm Allen Socket, (1) 8 mm Allen Socket, (1) Case.Replacment antistatic fuel extraction hose.Used to secure parts out of the way of the 55 7116 030$120.00 For use with part# 09 7417 010. working area. Contains: (Qty.) (2) 55 7417 020$160.55 Ratcheting Parts Tether.55 9972 020$20.00CRANKCASE TEST CAP TOOLUsed during engine crankcase smoke & pressure testing. Works with many older & newer vehicles with steel, aluminum & plastic valve covers. Multi-diameter \x1dtting designed to connect to IMIB, AGA SIPHONhandheld manometers/smoke HOSE ADAPTER machines directly without an Siphon hose adapter for diesel engines toAGA BMWadapter, which helps prevent leaks & accomodate the larger \x1dller neckVALVE STEM SEAL TOOL KIT wrong readings.diameter. Used to remove and replace the valve stem55 9998 010 $65.55seals on the BMW N63 V8 engine without 55 7417 030$34.20 removing the engine or cylinder headsAGA from the vehicle. VALVE STEMSEAL TOOL KIT 09 9973 020$1090.60 To remove/replace valve stem seals on BMW N63TU & S63TU V8 engines without removingAGA ENGINE the cylinder heads. Engine and transmissionCOMPARTMENT must be removed from the vehicle to performTOOL TRAYthis repair. Allows tools to be placed in the 09 9973 030$1,700.50 engine compartment. Made from heavy duty 18 gauge 304 AGA BMWstainless steel with formed edges. The tray has legs that VALVE KEEPER TOOL can be reversed as hooks, Used to easily install valve keepers on intake/ex- making it usable in almost all haust valves. For the BMW N62 V8 engine. applications.09 9978 010$132.05 55 9980 010$160.555'
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