b'SHOP FOCUS: socommittedtokeepingacleanshop,thathe breaks out the shops Zamboni machine before any FLORIDA grease can hit the loor!SSF Profiles Four Inspiring andSuccessful South Florida Shopsthe InFebruary,theAutoFocusteamtookto streets of South Florida to visit some of the busi-estshopsinthearea.AndWow,werewe impressed with what we found!Here are some brief proiles of the shops we toured. After growing up in Dutchess County (Upstate NY), Duwayne led the snow and established his shop in MasterClass Automotive Hallandale Beach in 2014. His 4 highly-skilled tech-nicians work on an impressive array of European Miami, Florida vehiclesspecializinginAudi,BMW,MiniCooper, Owners: Ronald Norat, Wally & Daily Sabria Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Porsche & Mercedes. masterclassauto.com Employingaproprietary If its expensive, European, and has 4 wheels, chanc- customer-targeting es are its been masterfully cared for at MasterClasssystemhedeveloped, Automotive in Miami. Since 2011 MasterClass hasDuwaynehasquickly builtasolidreputationforservice,collisionandgrownhisbusiness. ground-up restoration of European vehicles. Like many shops they did a lot of heavy lifting earlySupportingthisstrate-on; inding the best technicians and establishing agy,Duwayneemploysa reputationinthemarket.Wally,freshfromafull-timesocialmedia successfulcareerinadvertising,quicklybroughtexpert&videographer his skills to bear on Masterclass. Watch him tell theto share all the cool stuff story of MasterClass success in his own words inhis shop does.his exclusive interview with SSF. As Duwayne & GM, Kristina Euromotive Performance OHagansay:Weoffer Hallandale Beach, Florida performance, maintenance, Owner: Duwayne Hughes collision and more, and do euromotiveperformance.com it one happy customer at a time.AndwhenDwayne isnt creating happy customers, hes spending time Nothing but the Best is the motto at this Hallandalewith his family and getting away from the shop to Daily and Ronald started in a 2,500 sq. ft. location inBeachshopwhereDuwayneHughesbringshis15enjoy a little competition shooting.2011 and quickly outgrew it opening a second loca- yearsofMercedesexperienceandspotlesswhite tion literally across the street. After a few years ofglove service to his loyal customers.And Duwayne is shuttlingpeople,carsandpartsbackandforth Daily and Ronald moved to their current 25,000 sq. ft.marqueelocationin2016andaddedDailys husband Wally to the team bringing the vision to life.TodayMasterClassAutomotivespanstwo loors,has7lifts,10employees,andservicesan average of 130 or more cars each month.MasterClasshasawarmLatinpersonalitythat immediately envelops visitors. Hailing from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Venezuela, the owners make guests feel like family, treating them to the most wonderful Cuban coffee - strong and sweet at the time.'
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