b'TOOL BOX WITH METAL TOOL BOX TOOL TROLLEY TOOL BOX WITH 5 sections with padlock. Sturdy fold-out TOOL ASSORTMENT design. Enameled blue and black color.4 section collapsible, Big castors to level out7 Drawer, includes 340 piece toolTOOL ASSORTMENT HAZET uneven ground surfaces. Lockable, 2 keys. assortment. 7 Drawer, includes 232 piece tool assortment. 190L $67.32 WORKBENCH166N $729.99 179NXXL-7/340$3,723.44 179XL-7/232 $2,999.99 Mobile with wooden worktop, large wheels, high load capacity, and precision ball bearings. 2 swivel castors with double stop locks, 2 \x1exed castors. Non-marking elastic tires. Ball bearing mounted telescopic drawer rails. 1 heavy duty drawer with a loading capacity of 88 lbs., 6 small drawers with 33 lbs. capacity.179 NW-7 $2,002.34COIL SPRING HAZET IMPACT SOCKET SET ENGINE OIL FILTERCOMPRESSOR TOOL KIT Extra short design, suitable for use with shortWRENCH (1) Guiding Tube, (4) Tensioning Jaws. BRAKE CALIPER impact wrenches. Contains: (Qty) (1) 13mm74.4 mm, 14-Point - 3/8" or 274900-2A/5 $1,276.80 PISTON TOOL 6-point socket, (1) 17mm 6-point socket, (1)mm DriveSuitable for all brake calipers without 19mm 6-point socket, (1) 21mm 6-point2169 $23.87 integrated parking brake.socket. 4971-1 $142.81900SK/4$37.85 HAZET WHEEL FLANGE CLEANING TOOL KITFor optimum cleaning of the contact surface on HAZET FENDERthe inner wheel rim. Prevents incorrect wheel bolt COVER tightening torque. No spark, cup-shaped, abrasive Magnetic attachment, (6material cleaning pads reduce dust formation. magnets) Suitable for nearlySuitable for wheel \x1fanges up to 160mm, with a all vehicles.min. inner diameter of 51 mm. Contains: (Qty.) (1) 196N-1 $52.73 Base component, (1) 160 mm grinding wheels.WHEEL LUG BOLT SOCKET 4960 F-160/2 $87.64COOLANT / ANTIFREEZE17 mm Impact, "Flower Shaped" - 1/2" VACUUM FILL TOOLDrive Time-saving, no additional bleeding905SLG-17 $17.99necessary. 4801-1 $181.99RATCHET WRENCH1/2" Drive High PerformanceENGINE OIL FILTERHAZET 916 HP $55.99 AIR BLOW GUNWRENCH For sucking up dirt into the collection 86 mm, 16-Point - 1/2" or 24 mm DriveSUSPENSION STRUTUTILITY CARTbag as well as blowing surfaces clean. 2169-6 $29.96 SOCKET SET3 Shelf, sturdy sheet steel construction.One-hand reversing switch. Metal 15 pcs. 110 lb load capacity per shelf. housing. Includes a 7.2 mm male quick 4915/15 $294.14 167-3 $225.00 connect air hose \x1etting. 9043N-10 $88.9919 19'
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