b'For decades customers have put their trust in SSF when it comes to quality parts, stellar service and a competi-tive price. Professional European Repair specialists have relied on SSF to deliver the gold standard of technical trainingwhetherfromourstrategicvendorsorfrom industry experts. Beyond the transactions and the train-ing SSF has created special customer events like: SSF on the Track, Night at the Marconiand more recently: BurgerswithBeer.Duringthesesocialeventsshop owners and technicians get together and do what they dobesttalkshop,exchangingbestpracticesand \x1fguringoutwaystosurviveandthriveintodays fast-paced environment. SSF PRO has a simple tagline: Learn | Equip | Connect. SSF PRO brings all of these experiences together under oneroof.WhetheryouareinterestedinLearning, Equipping your shop, or Connecting with each other and the industrys best vendors, SSF PRO will make this happen. SSF PRO has already started delivering technical train-ingontransmissions,electronicchassis,diagnostics andmore.OurnewTools&Equipmentprogram features an expanded o\x1eering of specialty tools and solutionsatmorecompetitivepricestomakejobs easier and earn you more money. Finally, we are explor-ing ways to enable like-minded individuals including shops,technicians,SSFsta\x1e,vendorsandtechnical trainers to interact with each other in a professional and private online environment. To do this properly we need your help. As we bring these programs online we will be reaching out to ask for your input. We want to know what you need most and how best we can deliver the resources we have available to you and your community. Thanks for being our partner for over 40 years. We look forwardtocontinuingtoearnyourtrustandyour respect in 2020.LEARNEQUIPCONNECT'
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