b"SAF-T-LITE STUBBY II LEDSAF-T-LITE STUBBY II LED 3-Watt End LED, 25 CordShort Cord, with End Light Lite Smoothing Technology eliminates shadows and Two 4-watt wide angle, side LEDs rated to 50,000 hours.prevents piercing light in the user's eyes. One 3-watt Extremely durable polycarbonate outer tube. Switchlensed LED at the end provides a super bright \x1fashlight. protected in handle.Virtually unbreakable spring steelLEDs are rated to 50,000 hours. Ruggedized LED driver in handle is designed to last in commercial and industrial hook. ETL listed for use in US and Canada.use. Switch in handle controls side and end LEDs. 1901-2008$69.66 Polycarbonate outer tube is extremely durable. Twin steel hook, not a plastic hook that can be broken. 1925-2023$73.66SAF-T-LITE STUBBY II LED HEAD KIT Agile, active, adaptive: LEMFRDER is the prime Lite Smoothing Technology eliminates shadows and prevents piercing light in user's eyes. Lensed end LEDname for suspension and steering technology provides a bright \x1fashlight feature. Rugged LED driverin the automotive sector. Our premium in handle is designed to last incommercial and industrial use. Fits onto 18 ga. On-o\x1e switch in handleSAF-T-LITEcomponents are used as original cycles between side LEDs and \x1fashlight. All connectorsPORTABLE POWER SUPPLY REEL equipment and produced in the needed to install on user's cord are provided.40 ft 12/3 retracting cord with triple outlet.Steel 5165-0202$64.66 mounting bracket w/locking pin & safety chain mountssame quality for the aftermarket the reel to ceiling or wall. Roller guides ensure smooth for a better and safer driving payout and take-up ofcord. 15 amp circuit breaker built-in (breaker is not on the reel). 2 foot 12/3 \x1dxed cordexperience in passenger with molded NEMA 5-15P grounded plug. Extremelycars, light and standard durable. 20 footmaximum hang-down. 2200-3000$139.99 commercial vehicles. SAF-T-LITESTUBBY II LEDSAF-T-LITE STUB-E LED RECHARGEABLE WORK LIGHT3-Watt End LED, 40 Reel Compact and multi-functional rechargeable work light One 3-watt lensed LED at the end provides super brightwith neodymium magnet. Small size and strong magnet \x1fashlight. LEDs rated 50,000 hrs. Ruggedized LED driverallows placement in tight spaces. 250 lumen wide angle in handle designed to last in industrial use. 5000K coloredwork light. 70 Lumen work light option with up to 8 hour bright white light.Switch in handle controls side and endbattery life. 390-400NM UV leak detection LED. Includes: LEDs. Twin steel hook. 40 ft 18/2 SJTOW oil resistant,(Qty.) (1) Stub-E LED Work Light, (1) Work belt clip with water tight cord on retractable cord reel.integrated magnet, (1) USB mini cord, (1) 120V charger. 1940-8011$121.66 2304-0001$39.99aftermarket.zf.com28"
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