b'AGA BMWAGA MW/MINIAGA OIL DRAIN PLUGAGA BMW / MINIVALVE STEM SEAL TOOL KIT FUEL INJECTOR &REMOVAL TOOL KIT WHEEL LOCK REMOVAL Used to remove and replace the valve stem seals onSEAL TOOL KITTo repair damaged engine oil drain plug threadsTOOL KITthe BMW N62 V8 engine without removing the intakeUsed to remove fuel injectors and remove andon aluminum oil pans. Contains: (1) Oil cap withUsed to remove high security wheel lock with or exhaust camshafts. (Qty.) (2) Compression Rods, (2)install fuel injector seals on BMW N54 L6 ®ulator, (1) Air supply hose with valve, (1)spinning ring on BMW and MINI vehicles, without Compression Nuts, (1) Rotator Handle, (3) Compression RodN63 V8 engines, and MINI N14 & N18 L4Debris shield, (1) 14 mm Boring tool drill bit, (1)the need of a key and leaving no damage to the Feet, (1) Compression Block, (1) Compression Lever Rod, (4)engines. (Qty.) (1) Fuel Injector Remover, (1)14 mm Thread forming tap, (1) 14 mm Alignmentwheel. Contains: (Qty.) (1) Collet, (1) Pin, (1) Camshaft Plates, (2) Camshaft Plate Bolts, (5) Brush Plugs,Fuel Injector Seal Remover, (1) Fuel Injectorpin, (1) 14 mm Re-facing tool, (1) 16 mm BoringRemover.(6) Spark Plug TDC Tools, (1) TDC Indicator, (1)Valve KeeperSeal Installation Sleeve, (2) Fuel Injector Sealtool drill bit, (1) 16 mm Thread forming tap, (1) 1655 6946 010 $369.55Install Tool, (1) Ratcheting Wrench, (1) Timing Chain LockCompression Tools. mm Alignment pin, (1) 16 mm Re-facing tool.Tool, (1) Valve Stem Seal Pliers, (1) Valve Stem Seal Installer. 09 0367 010$280.25 55 7218 030$590.0009 9973 011$940.50AGA DRIVE SHAFT HOLDER TOOL Used to lockdrive shaft in place to keep it from turning during service. AGA OIL DRAIN PLUGSliding mounts allow the drive shaft REMOVAL TOOL KIT holder tool to \x1ft a variety of makes.14-16 MM ADD ON KIT55 9991 010$176.40Used to repair damaged 14mm engine oil drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans. Also use 83-30-2-461-309.Contains: (Qty.)AGA DRIVE SHAFT AGA AUTOMATIC(1) Boring tool drill bit, (1) ThreadHOLDER TOOL TRANSMISSION SUPPORT ADAPTER forming tap, (1) Alignment pin, (1)This tool is used for holding the Made speci\x1fcally for the ZF 8HP transmission. TheRe-facing tool, (3) 16mm draindriveshaft connection nut during AGA Transmission Adaptor lifts the transmission byplugs. removal and installation procedure.the aluminum casing not the from the plastic \x1flter55 7218 010$249.99 83 30 0 496 959$130.38pan. Designed to work with most transmission jacks. Constructed from steel. 09 3311 010$260.40AGA BMW INJECTOR HOLD DOWN THREAD REPAIR KITDesigned to repair all BMW N63 injector hold down bracket with damaged threads. (Qty.) (1) Guide tool, (1) AGA TORQUE WRENCH ADAPTERAGA MBZ Install tool, (5) Helicoils, (1) Tap, (1) Reamer.Allows use of a standard torque wrench orAGA MBZ INSIDE DOOR PANEL INSIDE DOOR PANEL LEVER09 9975 020$369.55breaker bar when using a Stahlwille 18mm xLEVER REPAIR KIT REPAIR KIT14mm wrench. When using this adapter theThis kit has an aluminum bracket that replacesThis kit has an aluminum bracket thatAGA BLUETOOTH torque applied is multiplied by a factor of 1.2. original plastic inner door panel lever, savingreplaces the original plastic inner doorRECEIVER55 9998 110$120.40 the expense of replacing the door panel itself.panel lever, which is not available from the Updated kit repairs the lever regardless of wherevehicle manufacturer, saving the expenseACCESSORY KIT its broken. (Qty.) (1) aluminum bracket (1)of replacing the door panel itself.Contains:Allows music and non- aluminum block (2) screws (1) door panel clip (1)(Qty.) (1) aluminum bracket (1) aluminumphone audio to be played drill bit (1) allen wrench (1) center punch (1)block (1) screw (1) door panel clip (1) drillvia bluetooth on a non- instructions bit (1) allen wrench (1) instructions. bluetooth enabled audio 22 8425 016$117.80 system. USB port & 3.5 mm 22 8425 006$84.55 AUX audio port required.55 9981 010 $37.056'
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