b'BAUM JAGUAR / LAND ROVER FUEL INJECTOR TOOL To remove injectors on Jaguar & Land Rover 3.0L & 5.0L gas.BAUM BMWBAUM BMW JLR0197$99.99 CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL SET CRANKSHAFT SEAL TOOL SET AST JAGUAR / LAND ROVERFor setting camshaft timing on N20 & N26 L4 engines. For removel/installation of front & rear crankshaft seal on TIMING TOOL SETB112100K$397.92 N40, N42, N45, N45T, N46, N46T, N52, N52K, N53, N54, N55.Timing tool set for 5.0L Jaguar & Land Rover engines. B119220PLUSX$435.36JLR 5008 $294.37BAUM BMW DIFFERENTIAL PINION SEAL TOOL KIT For removal / installation of driveshaft nut when replacing AST MINI CAMSHAFTrear di\x1ferential pinion seal on E90, E91, E92, E93, & E70.BAUM MBZ COIL SPRING ALIGNMENT TOOL SETB335040KIT$426.99 BAUM VW / AUDI TIMING TOOL SETCOMPRESSOR TOOL KIT For setting camshaft timing on N18 turbo L4.Engine timing tool set for VW/Audi 2.0L TFSI engines. For MBZ 163, 164, 171, 219, 230, & 251 chassis. Also works BT40271KITS$273.14 for 211 front coil springs for 4-matic chassis cars, and all MC 1800 $246.89 211 chassis rear coil springs, without air suspension.Includes three sets of jaws for 110, 120, & 130 mm springs.1117J$412.00BAUM BMW CRANKSHAFT SEAL TOOL SETBAUM Removal/installation of front crankshaft seal on N55 L6. BMWCLUTCH ASTB119235KIT$244.97 ALIGNMENT TOOL MBZ FUEL PUMP LOCK RING TOOLUsed to center clutch discs on \x1eywheel for E60 M5 Used to remove and replace the locking ring onBAUM MBZ TIMING&E63/64 M6 with Sequential Manual Gearbox.in-tank fuel pumps for MBZ 164, & 251 chassis. CHAIN LINK PRESS TOOL SET212300 $255.3922 3170 004 $112.10 For Mercedes 271.948, 272, and 273 engines.B000/272CHAINPLUS $388.28BAUM JAGUAR / LAND ROVER TIMING TOOL SET Timing tool set for 2.0L turbo Jag and LVR engines. BAUM BJAG303-1600 188.53 ENGINE OIL DIPSTICK (TOOL) AST FUEL PUMP LOCK RING TOOLUse to measure oil level and check length of oil Used to remove and replace the in-tank fuel pumpdipstick guide pipe in shop.and level sensor lock ring. BAUM120-589-07-21 00 $37.05BMW 4622 $98.34 VW/ AUDI TIMING TOOL SET For VW/Audi 2.5, supercharged 3.0, 3.2 V6, 4.2 & 5.2.BT40070PLUS $426.03BAUM PORSCHE CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL SETContains: (Qty.) (4) Camshaft Locks, (2) Camshaft Alignment Gauges, (1) TDC Locating Pin, (1) TDC Alignment Pin, (2)BAUM VW / AUDI COMPLETE AST MBZAuxiliary Chain Tensioners, (1) Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Socket.BAUM BMWENGINE TIMING TOOL SETCAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT FIXTUREB9678KITPLUS $540.00For Mercedes 271 engines. SUBFRAME MOUNT TOOL KITTiming tool kit for VAG 2.5L (BGP, BGQ, BPR, BPS, M 27161 $81.29 Used to remove/install rear di\x1ferentail bushings onCBTA & CBUA), 3.2L (BKH and CALA), 4.2L (BNS).rear axle on F01, F02, F04, F06, F07, F10, F13 and F18. BT40070KIT $284.02B330020 $187.6724'
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