b'SMARTWHASER PARTS WASHER SINK Bench top parts/brake washer. Uses bioremediating \x1fuid for non-hazardous, non-\x1fammable, non-toxic part cleaning. Includes: (Qty.) (1) Benchtop-PRO parts washer, (1) 1 gallon BT5 Concentrate degreasing solution, (4) MicroPRO Pack packets. Overall Dimensions: 28.69" x 17.81" x 13.19".1000872 $371.48CRC SMARTWASHER SW-437 MOBILE HEAVYWEIGHT PARTS WASHER KIT Mobile heavy duty parts washer sink. Uses bioremediating \x1fuid for non-hazardous, non-\x1fammable, non-toxic cleaning. Features 1000-lb. Load capacity, adjustable thermostat, super capacity pump and a large, oversized sink. Includes: (Qty.) (1) SW-37 mobile heavyweight parts washer, (5) 5 gallon Ozzyjuice degreasing solution, (1) Ozzymat \x1elter. Overall Dimensions: 48" x 35" x 45".14741 $2,537.54CRC ODOR NEUTRALIZER MULTI PURPOSE CLEANER AND DEGREASERTreats entire unit to reduce or eliminate any odors which may occur from standard parts washing. For use with the CRC SmartWasher Parts Cleaning System.Will call, delivery, or ORM-D (LQ) ground shipment only.Item cannot be shipped by air.14132 $28.7910'
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