b'AGA OIL DRAIN PLUG REMOVAL TOOL KIT The drain plug repair tool is used to repair damaged 14mm engine oil drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans. Also use: (Qty.) (1) 83-30-2-461-309 Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool Kit. Contains: (Qty.) (1) Boring Tool Drill Bit, (1) Thread Forming Tap, (1) Alignment Pin, (1) Re-Facing Tool, (3) 16mm Drain Plugs.55 7218 010 $252.88AGA SMOKE DIAGNOSTIC LEAK DETECTOR TEST PLUGAGA BMW PARKING BRAKE LEVER This test plug allows one to accurately smoke test theRETAINER CLIP AGA BMWAGA BMW VALVE engine. The sleek design with the angle \x1ftting; (1/4"Made of billet aluminum.WINDOW SHADE SLIDER KITSTEM SEAL INSTALLERNPT), allows the plug to \x1ft into the intake boot withoutReplaces original equipment plastic T-sliders. Steel installation sleeve streamlines the process of being obstructed by the air \x1eow meter. 09 5074 100$119.00 Contains: (Qty.) (2) Aluminum T-Sliders, (2) Aluminum installing valve stem seals. Takes the place of the For Mercedes Sprinter models with a 642 engine. Rivet Sets. traditional plastic sleeves that can only be used once and 55 0168 642$59.63 09 6715 010$111.06 can be di\x1dcult to work with. Magnetic, making it easy to retrieve should it be accidentally dropped in the engine.09 8496 010 (BMW N62 & N63TU V8 engines)$16.71AGA BMW TIMINGAGA BMW CHAIN LOCK TOOL SECONDARY Used to lock the timing chain, which prevents theAIR INJECTION CLEANERAGA SMOKE DIAGNOSTIC LEAK engine from turning over during valve stem seal repairHOOK TOOL DETECTOR TEST PLUG KITon the BMW N62 V8 engine.AGA VALVE STEM SEAL TOOL KITUsed to clean stubborn carbon build-up inThis kit contains two plugs that are installed into the 09 9972 020 $88.26 Used to remove and replace the valve stem seals on thethe secondary air injection cross-over airturbocharger inlet side of the vehicle. One plug is BMW N62 V8 engine without removing the intake orpassages to main air tube on the BMW N62connected to the smoke / test machine through the 1/4 exhaust camshafts. V8 engine without removing the cylinder" NPT \x1ftting, and the other side is \x1ftted with a ball valve 09 9973 011 $919.30 heads or engine from car. to open and close the system.For Mercedes 177 and 09 9983 010$82.16 178 engines.22 0168 178$103.00AGA SMOKE DIAGNOSTIC LEAK DETECTOR TEST PLUG This test plug allows one to accurately smoke test theAGAMBZINSIDE DOOR PANEL engine.For Mercedes 260 engines. LEVER REPAIR KIT - VERSION 1AGAMBZ SMOKE 22 0168 260 $53.68 This kit has an aluminum bracket that replaces theAGAMINIDIAGNOSTIC LEAK DETECTOR original plastic inner door panel lever, which is notINTERCOOLER TEST PLUG KIT available from the vehicle manufacturer, saving theAXLE SHAFT SEAL TOOL KITexpense of replacing the door panel itself. Used to remove and replace the axle shaft sealsThis kit allows one to accurately test the intercooler without removing the transmission. For MINI R52, R53,system upstream or downstream. This kit uses a 1/4" 22 8425 006 $82.43 R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60 and R61 chassis withNPT \x1ftting.For most intercooled Mercedes models.6-speed automatic transmission. 55 0168 906 $116.0026 9975 010 $330.8315 5 Position Locking Handle 4'