b'the next generation of european online training.HIGH VOLTAGE LEVEL 1 HVAC 1 CALIBRATION 1(Systems Overview & Safety) (System Overview and Key Components) (Front Camera)An overview regarding the service work on HV vehicles - from the necessaryThis online class o\x1fers a wide range of workshop information for diagnosingA thorough approach is particularly important when it comes to calibration. protective equipment to the professional activation for service work. Usedamagetoairconditioningsystems,suchasanerrordetectionintheHigh-quality technical equipment is available on more and more vehicles, thisonlinetrainingascomprehensiveinformationonallaspectsofrefrigeration circuit by evaluating the pressures and temperatures. You willand we can to take advantage of the "calibration" business and expand your high-voltage vehicles. getanoverviewofthecomponentsandtheirinteractionaswellasao\x1fering.training content: structured approach to the inspection of the system with the help of damagetraining content: each!Occupational Health & Safety, Various HV Vehicles, Components of HVpatterns. Front Camera Function, Why Calibration?, Use of Test Equipment, Vehicles, Charging Options, Self-diagnosis, Service, Activation training content: Preparation & Speci\x1fcations, Tips and Tricks, The Right Equipment, Function and Structure of HVAC System, How to Proceed with the Review,$399HIGH VOLTAGE LEVEL 2 Pressure Test, Temperature Test, Electrical Components, Their Function &Step-by-step Calibration of Front Camera(Electric Drivetrain) Testing CALIBRATION 2 Techs, just ublished!Knowledgeofelectricalengineeringisanimportantprerequisitefor(Radar-Based Systems)working on high-voltage systems. In the HV part 2, we review alltheHVAC 2important areas of electrical engineering and give you an overview of the(Testing / Troubleshooting) This class dives deep into Radar-Based systems and what technicians2022 calendar is pvarious drive concepts for high-voltage vehicles. should know about them before going in.Well teach you the tips and A small error in the HVAC system can lead to a total failure of the system.tricks of radar calibration that will make these jobs much easier and ur or Moretraining content: Based on the online class "HVAC 1 System Overview and Key Components",faster to perform.Electrical Basics,Electrical Components, Electrical Machines, De\x1fnition offurther diagnostic steps and methods are carried out. After completing this Hybrid, Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles, Hybrid Drive Structures online class the mechanic knows how to help himself in all diagnostictraining content:ewmethods. ACC Adaptive Cruise Control, Use of Test Equipment, Preparation andcrew before the nFoHIGH VOLTAGE LEVEL 3training content: Speci\x1fcations, Tips and Tricks, The Right Equipmentp Savings: re(Key Components Deep Dive/ Safety Systems) Leak detection with UV and Gas, Leak Test, Test Tube, Electrical Testing of Individual Components CALIBRATION 3In level 3, we take a closer look at the individual HV components that we(Rear / Surround View)showedinlevel2. Thisgivesusanevenbetterunderstandingofthe relationship between the individual components. We will also show you theCHASSIS Calibration 3 reviews the operation of Rear Cameras and SurroundGrouto enroll your entivarious safety concepts of HV vehicles. (Diagnostics & Repair) View.Youll learn how the systems integrate and the best practices for Roads demand a lot from vehicles these days, and at the same time chassisproper calibration and service.training content:NEW Its timeFunctions of HV Components, HVAC Systems in HV Vehicles, Operation ofare becoming more and more complicated and customers are becoming eventraining content:HV Vehicles, Security Concepts, Cooling Systems in HV Vehicles morecritical.Agoodmixforworkshops,becausechassisrepairsareFunction of Rear & Surrounding Cameras, Why Calibration?, Use of Test increasing, as is the number of components to be replaced. With a quickEquipment, Preparation & Speci\x1fcations, Tips and Tricks, The Right HIGH VOLTAGE LEVEL 4 initial measurement at the beginning of the repair, many chassis damageEquipment(Diagnostics and Repair Techniques) canbediagnosed. We\'llshowyouhowtoquicklyandeasilyintegrate Particular caution is required when working on HV vehicles, especially whenmeasurement into your daily workshop routine. VCDS - Volkswagen/Audiworking directly on their HV components. In the high-voltage level 4, wetraining content: (Menu, Navigation & Application)give an insight into structured working methods in the service area, right upWheel Alignment - Quick, Initial Measurement, Recognize Error Patterns /Audi& VWhavealargemarketshareand VCDSo\x1fersyouthe to professional voltage disconnection. Damage Patterns, Causes of Various Error and Damage Patterns,opportunity to act very e\x1eciently for your owners of these vehicles. training content: AvoidingInstallation Errors We will show you the installation and the basic operation of the tester Organization of Work Steps, Service Work in the HV Area, Self-diagnosis ofso you \x1dnd the perfect introduction to the diagnostic world of VAG ENGINE TIMING vehicles into your daily workshop routine.HV Vehicles, Diagnostic Voltage Disconnection, Manual Voltage(Timing and Cam Diagnostics & Repair)Disconnection training content:Changing a cam belt or a timing chain is part of everyday workshop life likeInstallation, Function & Operation, Menu Navigation, Work with the AIR SUSPENSION co\x1fee for breakfast. Nevertheless, mistakes often happen in this supposedlyForumAir suspension can no longer be found only in upper and luxury-classsimple work. We look at individual error and damage patterns and discuss vehicles, but also in mid-range and compact vehicles. As spring bellows arehow to avoid them. We will also take a look at some examples to \x1dnd out why also subject to normal wear and tear, this is important area for techniciansa chain / timing belt has "already" worn out / failed.to understand and diagnose and repair accurately. This class will teach howtraining content:to perform a reliable damage diagnosis and which techniques are used toDefect Patterns, Damage Patterns And Causes, Failure Prevention, Check replace components quickly and easily. Chain Tension, Testing Of Chain Elongation,Setting The Timingtraining content:Function & Structure, Diagnosis & Wear, Diagnosing Leaks, Check Sensors Electrically, Assembly Instructions, Defect / Damage Patterns'