b'We point to another importance that the ushing has for thesystemsheartbythecompressorsreplacement process. Besides cleaning impurities, it is the only way to determine the total lubricant level inside the loop.FLUSHING ABCThere are several basic rules you have to observe to ush appropriately. The AC compressor must be detached. You will probably be replacing the compressor after, but if not, the compressor must be separated or bypassed from the ushing. Thesystemexpansiondevices,suchaseither orice tube or expansion valve, should be detached or bypassed, too. The receiver dryer or desiccant should be removed and replaced after ushing. Parallel-ow, thin and micro-tubes condensers, and evaporators cannot be ushedeectivelyandshouldbereplacedorback ushedwheneverseriouscontaminantsimpairedthe system or by the previous compressor seizure. Jelly-like or crystallized sticky substance at the compressors suction port. This severe pollution was caused by uncontrolled chemical reactionof moisture and additives like leak-stop agents. Only ushing can remove it all from the loop.When it comes to the ushing methods, several are worth considering and are relatively accessible. It all depends on the garage equipment and possible access to extra tools. In general, the ushing must be eective and should not harm the system, which might be the case by the use of improper methods. Keepinmind!Foranyofthemethods,thecleaning agent residues must be thoroughly removed after ush-ing, and the AC loop must always be thoroughly dried, preferablybymeansofnitrogenandalong-process vacuum. Once the AC system is properly ushed, and all of the necessary components have been replaced, you can proceed with the system charge by the prescribed type and volume of refrigerant and lubricant. Remember, ushing is not courtesy and can save you from a repeat repair after installing a new compressor.'