b'OTCOTC MULTI PURPOSE WEDGE SETIncludes 5 specialty tools designed to remove trim strips,OTC TORQUE ANGLE GAUGE WINDSHIELD WIPER ARM TOOLpanels, wheel caps, bezels, liners, shrouds, fascia, andRequired when servicing many late model engines that Removes wiper arms on many foreign andmore. Constructed of durable, impact-resistant nylon thatuse torque-to-yield fasteners. Measures angle of rotation domestic cars and light trucks. Will not damagewill not damage non-metal surfaces. after pre-torque in torque-angle applications. 360 scale is wiper arm or hood cowling during removal.4489$25.42 marked in 2 increments and intervals of 10 and 30; Simply place puller feet under wiper arm andeasily zeroed for next application by turning the tool tighten forcing screw against wiper shaft. housing. Has 1/2" male and female square drives.4676$16.43 4554$15.17OTC FUEL PUMP VACUUM PRESSURE GAUGE Ideal for testing vacuum lines and components. Accurately tests low pressure fuel systems. Quickly diagnose internal engine problems such as bad rings, valves and leaking head gaskets. Kit comes complete with adapter for most applications. Pin point hard to \x1fnd problems such as cracked lines.5613$32.15OTC MULTIMETER OTC RADIO REMOVAL TOOL KITFeatures auto/manual ranging, RPM measurement,18 Piece Deluxe Kit.Includes the tools needed to temperature measurement (F/C), millisecond pulseremove the radio from the dash on most Audi, BMW, OTC BRAKE SERVICE TOOL KITwidth and peak volts measurements for fuel injectors,Mercedes Benz, Porsche and VW models.Set contains the most popular brake tools for servicingduty cycle and frequency to 10M Hz, dwell measure-OTC BRAKE drum brakes on many import and domestic vehicles.ment, O2 cross counts, and fused direct current4715$35.88PAD GAUGE Features BMC and high quality handles.Contains: (Qty)measurement up to 10 amps. Data hold freezes the Allows for a de\x1fnitive(3) brake spoons, (5) brake spring tools. data for review at the push of a button.measurement of brake pads to6516 $60.06 3505A $232.29determine remaining life. Unique design allows for measurement on the vehicle without the removal of any components in most cases. Quick reference of brake pad condition via color code scale.6596 $23.46OTC BATTERY TERMINAL SERVICE KIT Contains: (Qty.) (1) Battery terminal puller, (1) 3-way OTC OTCCOOLING SYSTEM REFILL GUN battery post cleaner, (1) battery pliers, (1) side terminal COOLING SYSTEM TESTERDesigned to eliminate airlocks during cooling systembattery wrench, (1) long-side terminal wrench, (1) Adapts to cooling system hoses from 1/4" to 5/8" inre\x1flling and eliminates the need for system bleeding.10mm battery terminal wrench, (1) side terminal diameter. The hand pump features an easy to readSmall and large rubber cones suit both passenger andbattery brush, (1) battery cable cutter, (1) case.OTC HOSE CLAMP PLIERS SETintegratedpressure gauge, a padded base to setcommercial vehicles with no additional adapters4631 $65.21Includes \x1fve di\x1eerent styles of hose clamp pliers, whichagainst vehicle surfaces without scratching and aneeded.will service most \x1dat-band and ring-style hose clamps as36" integrated hose with a quick-coupler mated to6976 $194.15well as a hose removal tool.Contains: (Qty.) (1) straightthe adapters. Hose adapters use brass \x1fttings and hose clamp pliers, (1) set hose removal tool, (1) \x1dat-typeinclude a bandedspring clamp for easy attachment. hose clamp pliers, (1) o\x1eset hose clamp pliers, (1) 45A radiator cap adapter with quick connect \x1ftting is degree hose clamp pliers. included for older vehicles.4496 $102.66 6977 $149.6028'