b'HAZET STRUT SOCKET - 14 mm Hole Used for the removal of the notched nutHAZET WHEEL VALVE STEM TOOLHAZET HOSE CLAMP PLIERS on the strut tower on Mercedes 203HAZETFor removing and installing wheel valve stemTo remove and install three-ended spring type hose chassis non-4-Matic cars, and MercedesCOIL SPRING COMPRESSOR TOOL KITcores. Can also be used to press the valve stem pinclamps.177 mm length. 8 mm chuck minimum range. 209 chassis cars. For Audi A4/A4Q B8 chassis. to de\x1fate the tire. 18 mm clamping maximum range.2780-1 $31.05 4902/4 $608.15 666-1$12.68 798-14$56.36HAZET RATCHET WRENCH - 3/8" DRIVE - FLEX HEAD With \x1fex head. 2-component handle for optimum handling. Polished chrome \x1enish.218 mm length. 30 teeth ratchet wheel.8816GK$81.05HAZET THREAD REPAIR TOOLHAZETBREAKER BAR - 1/2" Drive Repairs right-hand and left-hand threads.2-component handle for optimum handling. Polished chrome \x1enish. HAZET PNEUMATIC Blade automatically adapts to any thread396 mm length. IMPACT WRENCH 3/4 pitch within range. Also suitable for aluminium threads. 914-15 $68.90 Compact construction.Powerful twin hammer For thread diameters 4-13 mm. mechanism. Air exhaust thru handle downwards. One handed operation for right & left handed. Includes a 842AG-1 $66.37 7.2 mm male quick connect air hose \x1etting.9013M$354.05HAZET AIR BLOW GUNFor sucking up dirt into the collection bag as well as blowing surfaces clean. One-hand reversing switch. Metal housing. Includes a 7.2 mm male quickRATCHET WRENCHconnect air hose \x1etting.1/2" Drive High Performance 9043N-10 $89.87 916 HP $62.99HAZET WHEEL LUG BOLT / NUT SOCKET SET17 mm Impact, 6-Point - 1/2" Drive. Withplastic sleeve to protect the surface around lug bolts/nuts.903SLG-17/3$46.47RATCHET WRENCH2-component handle for optimum handling. Polished chrome \x1enish. Small operating angle enables better use in tight spaces. Special heat treatment for high-strength teeth and extremely sturdy square.415 mm length. 90 teeth ratchet wheel. Shear strength rated at 1000nm.916HPL $119.20HAZET CYLINDER HEAD BOLT SOCKET - POLYDRIVEFor Mercedes 112, 113 & 137 engines, Saab V644engines &VW/Audi engines.2579-9$29.30'