b'BAUM MBZ CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT PLATE SET Used to hold down the camshafts when the valve covers are BAUM MBZ removed from the cylinder heads on Mercedes 157, 276, and 278 ENGINE MOUNT WRENCH - 16 mmengines.Special 16 mm wrench designed to remove the engine mount nuts on Mercedes 203, 204, 210, 211,276-0140 $92.37& 221 chassis cars. 001-0016/2 $28.00 BAUM MINI TIMING TOOL SETFor setting camshaft timing on Mini N18 engines.B117440KIT $274.38BAUM PORSCHE FEELER GAUGE FOR VALVE ADJUSTMENT (.004) For adjusting valve clearance on Porsche 911 1965-1994.000-721-213-20 $13.27BAUM MBZ FUELBAUM MINI INJECTOR REMOVERBAUM MBZ TIMING CHAINCRANKSHAFT SEAL TOOL SET TOOL ADAPTER LINK PRESS TOOL SETFor removel and installation of For Mercedes 642 engines. Used inFor Mercedes 271.948 engine code only. As well as 272, and 273the front crankshaft seal on conjunction with puller set #engines.Suitable for single and double row timing chains. MINI N12, N14,N16 and N18 L4 B611-0033MULTI B000/272CHAINPLUS $389.16 engines.642-0133 $56.22 119600 $132.91BAUM GLOW PLUG REAMER - (12 X 1.25 mm) Special reamer used to remove heavy carbon deposit build up from the glow plug hole on Mercedes 601, 602, 603, and 617 engines.901-0053 $114.40 BAUM MBZ FUEL PUMP LOCK RING TOOL Used to remove and replace the locking ring onBAUM MINI in-tank fuel pumps for Mercedes 204, and 212CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOLchassis cars. For setting camshaft timing on the MINI W10 001-0007 $90.93 and W11 L4 engines.B118250K $97.8932'