b'Trainmobil is one of Europes most successful technical training organizations andkey partner to many of Europes leading WDs and OE parts manufacturers. After witnessing the successful training programs with our partners at WM SE for years, we decided it is the right time to bring Trainmobils online training platform to the North American market.Trainmobil has re-imagined what online training can be, and gives technicians the opportunity to learn quickly and easily in front of their PC at home or in the shop. By focusing on diagnostics, systems and new technologies technicians can quickly apply what they have learned.Withover20yearsofexperttrainingexperience,TrainmobilsGerman-based, English-speaking instructors know what technicians need to learn and get right to the point, making these one-hour to ninety minute classes valuable for technicians. These live classes are fast-paced, detailed and interactive so students can ask questions and get answers in real time! Additionally, each class is scheduled four times throughout the year, both AM & PM, making scheduling easy.NEW Group Savings:Four or More Techs, just $399 each!13 topics taught over 52 classes799 \x1f \x1e \x1d \x1c \x1b \x1f \x1a \x19 \x18 \x17 \x16 \x15 \x1c \x14 \x13 \x16 \x19 \x12 \x18 \x1c \x1b \x1f \x18 \x1b \x1a \x1e \x11just $For a One-Year Rolling Subscription, or $99 per Class! Theres a Proper Way to FlushTurbocharger Actuator TestingLearn MoreSSFautoparts.com/learnSign-UpSSF.coursestorm.comMEMBERA publication of SSF IMPORTED AUTO PARTS LLC * Oers and prices subject to change without notice.466 Forbes Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080 * OE part numbers for reference only.See SSFautoparts.com for complete tment.'