b'HAZET TORX 6 PC SCREWDRIVER SET(1) T10, (1) T15, (1) T20, (1) T25, (1) T27, and (1) T30Screwdriver. 163-266/6$33.23HAZET MAGNETIC PARTS TRAYPlastic tray for the storage of small parts such as nuts and screws. Magnetic to attach it to tool boxes, shop walls, ENGINE OIL FILTER WRENCH HAZET ENGINE OIL FILTER WRENCH -lifts etc.74.4 mm, 14-Point - 3/8" or 27 mm Drive36 mm, 6-Point - 3/8" Drive197-3$11.452169 $25.93 2169-36$34.00HAZET MULTI TABLEMobile multi use table with robust welded design. Ball-bearing-mounted elastic wheels enable smooth movement. Attached tabletop capable of holding up to 75 lbs can be folded down 90 degrees. Fits under vehicles with a ground clearance greater than 130mm.167T$326.91METAL TOOL BOX 5 sections with padlock. Sturdy fold-out design. Enameled blue and black color.190L $77.22HAZET TOOL TROLLY HAZET TOOL TROLLEY4 section collapsible, with beech wood table4 section collapsible, Big castors to level out uneven ground board on top section. Bottom section made ofsurfaces. Lockable, 2 keys.sheet steel. Big castors to level out uneven166N $892.91ground surfaces. Lockable with 2 keys included.166C$915.20HAZET TOOL TOTE TRAY215 X 396 X 294 mm.Solvent resistant plastic with aluminum carrying handle. Open and practical. WithHAZETmeasurement scale (cm / inch) on the top. SLIDE HAMMER190L-1$23.34 HAZET MULTI PURPOSE DRAINFor unscrewing screwed wheel bearings in combina-HAZET MULTI PURPOSE DRAINPAN WITH HANDLEStion with double cone wheel bearing tool set part# PAN WITH HANDLESSuitable for \x1fuid changes and cleaning parts. Made4933-1/11.6 liter capacity. 400 mm diameter. 120 mm height. of polyethylene. With pouring faucet. 1969/17 $302.49197N-1$12.86 16 liter capacity. 450 mm diameter. 180 mm height.197-2$45.87HAZET CYLINDER HEAD BOLT SOCKET - POLYDRIVE43 For Mercedes 112, 113 & 137 engines, Saab V630engines &VW/Audi engines.2579-9$29.30'