b'InteriorWerecurrentlyinishingourcustomrollbar, designed and built in-house at SV Auto, including a removablehorizontalharnessbar,whichcanbe quickly installed if the need for a harness arises. The roll bar is integrated into the new iberglass interior, which well be getting wrapped soon in alcantara.KW Suspension SEMA Show 2021Coilcover Kit November 2-5, 2021Las Vegas Convention CenterStay Connected and Follow AlongAlthoughwestartedthisprojectduringtheirst Another element of modern materials can be foundweekoftheyear,nowwithapproximatelyive withtitaniumsprinkledaroundboththeinteriormonths down and only ive months to go, the pres-and exterior of the car. Here is a photo of the titani- sure is mounting to continue to make good progress, um loor board plates before getting color treated.with work being done to the car every day. RatherthangoingwiththetraditionaldimpledTune in next time as we dive deep into the engine, circular style, we decided to go with a new, innova- built by Prato Motorwerks, and drivetraininclud-tive design from Chasing Js featuring a horizontaling parts from special partners such as Kinsler Fuel oval shaped pattern. Injection and Hytech.In the meantime, follow the build and more frequent updates on CSFrace.com. There is a project car page on the website that has links to the ongoing build thread on Rennlist. As well as stay plugged in with CSF and SSFs social media accounts.@CSFradiators@SSFimportedautopartsClose-up of the differences between two of the different= @CSF_radiatorsinishes and processes that we have as part of the design@SSFimportedautopartsof the car. The cerakote door handle vs. the anodized valve cover.26'