b'CTA2PC BRAKE BLEED-ER BOTTLE SET 2 piece brake bleeding bottle set allows user to complete brake service quickly, easily and without mess or damage. Bottles are equipped with a nipple top for placement of tubing. Nipple also vents the bottle, eliminating the need to loosen the cap and risk spilling \x1fuid. Remaining brake \x1fuid drains back into the bottle, eliminating mess or damage to CTA3/8" DRIVE 15-PIECEbody panels.SHOCK AND STRUT TOOL KITBuilt in Heavy-Duty magnet allows CTA18-PIECE BRAKE CALIPER SOCKET SETSTightens top mount nut with proper torque while holding the strut. for secure placement. Attached A wide range of brake caliper sockets and bits featuring the newestContains: (Qty.) (1) 21 mm pass-through ratchet, (1) 16 mm pass-throughmetal wire with hook adds and most commonly used caliper sockets for most makes and models. deep socket, (1) 17 mm pass-through deep socket, (1) 18 mmadditional security when anchored (Qty.) (1) 6-point 7 mm 3/8" drive short socket, (1) 6-point 7 mm 3/8"pass-through deep socket, (1) 19 mm pass-through deep socket, (1) 21to a nearby suspension component.drive socket, (1) 6-point 7 mm 3/8" drive long socket, (1) 6-point 8 mmmm pass-through deep socket, (1) 22 mm pass-through deep socket, (1)7786 $32.473/8" drive short socket, (1) 6-point 9 mm 1/4" drive short socket, (1)24 mm pass-through deep socket, (1) 5 mm hex bit, (1) 6 mm hex bit, (1) 6-point 9 mm 3/8" drive socket, (1) 6-point 11 mm 3/8" drive socket, (1)7 mm hex bit, (1) 8 mmhex bit, (1) sliding T-bar, (1) 5 x 8 mm Double-D 12-point 14 mm 1/2" drive socket, (1) 7-point 14 mm 1/2" drive socket,slotted socket, (1) 6 x 8mm Double-D slotted socket.(1) 7-point 22 mm 1/2" drive socket, (1) 10-point 11.5 mm 3/8" drive socket, (1) 5-point 12.5 mm 1/2" drive socket,(1) 5-point 14 mm 1/2"7466 $113.73 CTA E-TORX FLEX drive socket, (1) 5-point 19 mm 1/2" drive socket, (1) 5-point 10 mmDRIVER SET - 5 PIECE 1/2" drive socket. Flexible shaft allows access into 7394$97.47 hard-to-reach areas, with special no-slip grip.Contains: (Qty.) (1) E4 Screwdriver, (1) E5 Screwdriver, (1) E6 Screwdriver, (1) E7 Screwdriver, (1) E8 Screwdriver.8960 $42.44CTA STRUT NUT SOCKET SETUsed for removing and CTA TURBOCHARGERinstalling the the top strut PRESSURE TEST TOOL KITretaining nut on Volvo 850, C70, The turbo system leakage tester helps locate air leaks in theS40, S60, S70, S80, V40, V70, components by plugging the output side of the turbo andXC70, and XC90 models.plugging the intake inlet. Air is applied through one end of theIncludes holding socket and adapter to show the presence of leaks within the system. Kitdouble-D center socket.features a pressure gauge, shut o\x1d valve and pressure regulator.A446$16.87This setup can also be used on cooling system hoses.(Qty.) (1) Pressure gauge assembly, (6) Stepped adapters 16-90 mm.7912 $179.13CTA GLOW PLUG ELEMENT REMOVER TOOL KIT Designed for easy removal of glow plugs in narrow engine bays and engines with glow plugs on the \x1erewall side. Enables removal of broken glow plugs from the top of the cylinder head without damage. (Qty.) (1) electrode puller, (1) electrode reinforced drill with 2 guides, (2) specially centered mills, (1) tap, (1) slide hammer extractor, (3) refreshing taps sizes: M8, M10x100 & M10x125 with hex drive. CTA VOLVO 7804$345.28 DRIVE BELT REMOVAL TOOL CTA VOLVO DRIVE BELTFor removal of the drive belt on Volvo C70, S40, S60, S70, S80, V40, V70, XC70, and XC90 models from 1999.INSTALLATION TOOLHeavy-duty long bar with T60 torx bit on one end, and Fits into the idler pulley and turns it toT50 torx bit on the other end, and a 16 mm a 12-point release tension for replacement of theCTA ENGINE OIL FILTERopening built into the handle.serpentine belt. 3/4" square head. WRENCH - 85.5 MM,42 cm length.For Volvo 850 thru 1997, and C70, S70,16-POINT - 1/2" DRIVE8760$38.20and V70 thru 1998. 2488$8.241071 $16.9631 30'