b'Theres a Proper Way to Flush. The newest condenser design applies extremely narrow passages within the micro tubes below1 mm thickness. The design oers a superior heat exchange but is also very susceptible to impurities.Furthermore, it is also critical to mention that the poten-tial system contaminants and moisture aect the lubri-cant,impairingitscharacteristics. Thesecaninstantly aect the compressors mechanical parts, exposing it to seize. Similarly, if the lubricant gets diluted by excessive additive use (like overdosing with UV dye), the improper condition will lead to irreversible compressor failures.TECHNICIANS DUTY OR A COURTESY? Naturally, the ushing procedure and the extra time spent on the service add to the total service bill, which some-one must pay. Here is one reason why technicians skip it, AC SYSTEM FLUSHING CLEANNESS - THE KEY TOoftenonaclearcommandfromtheclientssidewho THE SYSTEMS VITALITY does not wish to spend extra. This, however, should be Complete review of the mostseen from a completely dierent perspective. Flushing is The AC system to perform must be clinically clean inside.not an optional choice, but actually, it is the most basic basic and the most criticalRefrigerant, lubricant, and precise mechanisms inside theandnecessarytreatment,oftenconditionalforserious service procedureloop must be clean to work optimally, and the system cansystem repairs. maintaintheappropriatepressureandtemperature recommended by experts andparameters.Excessive by the major compressorcontamination The modern AC system design employs many compo- spotted on the manufacturers nents with very narrow passages. The majority of todaysreceiver dryers cars apply micro tube-design condensers with tiny diam- couplings. This system suer from severe One of the major problems that any AC system can suereterchannels.Anotherexampleistheexternallycontamination and fromisinnerimpurities. Therefrigerantandlubricantcontrolled AC compressors with precise and very sensi- must critically be necessary for the systems vital operation can get contam- tive to impurities ECV valve steering the pumping capaci- ushed.inated by various substances. Moisture, particle formationty. The systems expansion device and the TXV, in particu-due to uncontrolled chemical reactions, or careless use oflar, are other types of loop components that can quicklyFlush the system whenever you diagnose it with clogs, additives such as UV dye or leak-stop agents are amongsuer from impurities limiting their proper function.stoppages, or receiver dryer failures. Although it might be themostcommoncontaminantsources.Allofthesethe previous garages failure, you should equally ush the problems can quickly cause clogs in the narrow systemAll of these can get clogged by particles, splinters or evensystem whenever you conclude an excessive or improper channels leading to consequential severe failures. by a too viscous lubricant that doesnt match the carsuse of additives such as UV dyes or stop leak agents. Visual specication. Any system ow restriction or stoppage caninspection by a sight-glass tool will ease the diagnosis Reading this article, you will learn why it is essential tohave catastrophic consequences. The limited refrigerantprocess. Theloopmustobligatorilybeushedbefore keep the AC system clean, ush using one of the topow will lead to a decrease in the systems performance,installinganewcompressor.Carbonizedoilparticles, three recommended ushing methods, and ush Hybridcauseinstantpressureincreases,impairtheoverallmetal chips, splinters, and other impurities that caused and Electrical Vehicles HVAC systems. system lubrication, and consequently create an abnormalthe previous compressor to fail can quickly kill the new temperature load that is very dangerous for the AC com- unitifthesystemisnotushedcorrectlybeforethe pressor.replacement.'