b'CTA BMW SEALANT PLUNGER TOOL CTA MBZ TIMING TOOL SETCTA MBZ ENGINE OILCTA SAAB CYLINDER HEAD BOLT Contains: (Qty.) (1) Aluminum housing C-Clamp withFor servicing the balance shaft and crankshaftDRAIN PLUG TOOLSOCKET - E16 Torx - 1/2" Drive stainless thread pusher.on Mercedes 651 engines.Holds the balanceFor removal of the plastic drain plug37 mm total length. 99 8941 100$25.97 shaft in timed positions, and locks theon Mercedes models. 9240$3.87crankshaft when servicing the crankshaft front pulley. 8606$6.657890$133.44CTA LUGDRILLERRemoves the most di\x1fcult locking lug bolts quickly, safely and without damage to wheel or rim, great for all vehicles with lost or damaged locking lug bolt keys.Contains: (Qty.) (4) Nylon internal centering guides, (3) metal external centering guides, (1) metal centering guide for free CTA HENN CLAMP TOOLturning lugs, (2) ultra hard drill bits Designed for the loosening or opening of HENN clampswith tungsten carbide tips, (4) found on coolant hoses & charge air hoses. The T-Handleextractors, (1) impact extractor features a removable working end. Working end can beholder, (1) impact extractor adjusted for an angled 90 degree and straight approachremover. CTA SPRINTER FUEL PUMP when HENN clamps are di\x1fcult to access.1775 $341.25 LOCK RING TOOL1013 $16.87 Used to remove and replace the locking ring on in-tank fuel pumps for Mercedes Sprinter models.1808$40.92CTA 8-PIECE BRAKE BLEEDER WRENCH SET Brake bleeder wrench set includes 7 popular sized wrenches and a 4 feet hose to allow use on virtually any car, SUV, light truck, or motorcycle brake caliper or wheel cylinder. Completes a brake bleeding service without removing the wheels or raising the vehicle.Contains: (Qty.) (1) 3/8" 6-point hex wrench, (1) 7 mm 6-point hex wrench, (1) 8 mm 6-point hex wrench, (1) 9 mm 6-point hex wrench, (1) 10 mm 6-point hexCTAE10 TORX U-JOINT wrench, (1) 11 mm 6-point hex wrench, (1) 12 mm 6-point hex wrench, (1) 4\' Silicone hose. SOCKET - 1/4" Drive 1945 $121.30 Low-pro\x1ele U-joint E10 Torx socket designedCTAMBZ / SPRINTER / VOLVO FUEL to access hard to reach fasteners.1/4" Drive,PUMP LOCK RING TOOL 34 mm length, 13.8 mm wide. Fuel pump removal tool for Volvo C30, C70, S40, S80, 2476 $16.22 V50, V70, and XC70 models. Also used to remove the lock ring on the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank on some Mercedes diesel models.2494 $62.3729 5 Position Locking Handle 4'