b'AGA OIL DRAIN PLUG REMOVAL TOOL KIT The drain plug repair tool is used to repair damaged 14mm engine oil drain plug threads on aluminum oil pans. Also use: (Qty.) (1) 83-30-2-461-309 Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool Kit. Contains: (Qty.) (1) Boring Tool Drill Bit, (1) Thread Forming Tap, (1) Alignment Pin, (1) Re-Facing Tool, (3) 16mm Drain Plugs.55 7218 010 $252.88AGA LIFT TABLE Lift table that can accommodate engines, transmissions, subframes, electric car battery packs, fuel tanks, etc. Elevates from 18.5" to 68.5". Dual speedAGA LIFT TABLE pump assembly. Includes a complete set of \x1fxtures,STRUT SUPPORTtransmission head adapter tube,Strut support brace designed to and table placementwork with the AGA Lift Table guide/plumb bob. Adjustable 5allows support of the strut whenAGA ENGINE position locking handle. Remoteremoving the engine. ZincCYLINDER HEAD WORK STAND lowering control. 1,500 lb weightplated support brace measuresDesigned to prevent damages that occur when capacity. Compact design is only49 inches and can extend out toworking on cylinder heads on surfaces such as 57" X 29". 75 inches. workbenches, the cylinder head stand will \x1ft almost 55 5453 010$5,350.00 55 4575 010$372.39 any application due to the tapered leads. Built in stop pin made for working on V8s with large head bolt holes. Made of 6061 billet aluminum.55 8137 010 $73.73AGA BRAKE FLUID CATCH CAN Designed for use with the AGA brake pressure bleeder. Features clear bottle with hook for easy use in almost any location.For Brake Pressure Bleeder see part# 55 0867 020.55 9975 020$15.01AGA IRATCHETING TETHER1/8AUsed to secure parts out of the way of the working area. 75-lb. max capacity, 1/8" polyester rope, 36" length. AGA IRATCHETING TETHER1/4AGAFUEL DRUM DOLLY -Contains: (Qty.) (2) Ratcheting Parts Tether. Used to secure parts out of the way of the 55 GALLON 55 9972 020$20.00 working area. 150-lb. max capacity, 1/4" polyester Designed to prevent damages that occur when Fuelrope, 60" length.drum dolly made to \x1ft 55 gallon drums. Red powderContains: (Qty.) (1) Ratcheting Parts Tether. AGA coated with casters and steel wheels. 55 9972 030$20.00 TRANSMISSION JACK HEAD 55 9392 010 $84.71 Universal transmission jack head that will \x1ft most transmission jacks and lift tables with jack head adapters. Features a tilting function for removing and installing with ease. Jack head includes 1/4" ratcheting tether.55 9972 100$549.00AGA TORQUE WRENCH ADAPTERAGAUTorque adapter allows use of a standard torque wrench or breaker bar when using a Stahlwille 18mm x 14mm DRIVE SHAFT HOLDER TOOLwrench.When using this adapter the torque applied isAGA Used to lock the drive shaft in place to keep it frommultiplied by a factor of 1.2.turning during service. Sliding mounts allow theDRIVE SHAFT HOLDER TOOL drive shaft holder tool to \x1ft a variety of makes andAGA ENGINE55 9998 110 $120.40 This tool is used for holding the driveshaft models. COMPARTMENT TOOL TRAY connection nut during removal and installation 55 9991 010$176.40 Allows tools to be placed in the engine compartment. Heavyprocedure.duty 18 gauge 304 stainless steel with formed edges. Tray83-30-0-496-959 $130.38legs can be reversed as hooks, making it usable in most applications.55 9980 010$156.93Special Order OnlyAGA ENGINE OIL CATCH CAN KIT This captures excess oil from removing the oil \x1flter cover cap on BMW B58 engines.Contains: (Qty.) (1) Oil Catch Canister, (1) Syringe.83-30-5-A3B-354 $64.405 Position Locking Handle 16'